Instagram launches a map with the most tagged places

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Instagram already had a map that allowed you to see the places where the published photos and videos had been taken, but the company has launched a new version that improves the experience by making it dynamic, allowing searches and showing the most tagged places .

The new Instagram map is now available to all users

In addition, filters can now be used to refine searches, being able to select categories such as “restaurants”, “cafeterias”, “hairdressers”… and also users will be able to move around the map as they wish, to investigate what businesses or monuments are nearby.

The map looks like this, as confirmed by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself on his official Instagram profile:

instagram map

The experience will be more pleasant this way, and not only will you be able to see content published in the update feed on the map, but you will also be able to search for places tagged in the Stories or in the Guides that users make.

With this map, when users click on a place they see in a post or in a Story, they can discover new places. You can also search for the name of a city, a neighborhood or any other place in the “Explore” tab and you will also be shown the results located on the map. It can also be used to search for hashtags for places, such as by entering #SanFrancisco.

Users will also be able to save the places they are interested in on the map so that they can visit them again in the future. They can also share them via direct message with their contacts or with Groups created within Instagram.

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Also, if your Instagram profile is open, using location tags will also make it easier for other people to find your content and, perhaps, become your new followers. This is because your content will show up in their searches and it will also show up on the map for them when they’re looking for a new place.

With this launch, Instagram intends to stand up to Google Maps and applications as popular as «Around me», one of the first to be launched when mobile app systems were created and which still continues to help millions of users around the world to explore nearby businesses and monuments.