From translating languages ​​to taking care of your plants: Google’s trick with your mobile camera that you should use but don’t know

Google Lens, the recognition tool, uses artificial intelligence to know what surrounds the user and solve their needs.

Google Lens is one of the Google apps in which AI is very present. It is an application that, using the mobile camera either using gallery photos, is capable of recognizing all types of objects, monuments and even animals that you have around you. You can get a lot of use out of it.

In EL ESPAÑOL – El Androide Libre, we have compiled some uses that can be given to the app every day. Not only is it able to save a lot of time when searching for items on the internet, but it also allows you to replace other applications whose functions it integrates.

Without a doubt, it is one of the best apps that the company – which has been 25 years old – has developed, and it is worth trying it. Some of its most interesting functions are power digitize text from an imagesolve mathematical problems and obtain information about monuments and emblematic places, among others.

There are times when it is easy to forget what species the plants you have at home are and what care each one needs. There are applications that, using the camera, are capable of identifying them, and Google Lens can do the same.

Just by opening the application and taking a photo pointing towards the plant you want to discover, Google AI will search for similar images to show you its scientific name and some internet search results that can be of great help. There are times when this is enough.

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Plants in Google Lens

By displaying Google search results for said place, it is possible to consult information on its Google Maps listing, such as reviews, opening hours, access to recommended guided tours and even the purchase of tickets.

In the Google Lens context menu that appears when scanning text, there are several interesting options to do more than just digitize it. One of them is the reading aloud, which makes Google Assistant recite the text seen in the image that has been taken.

Also it is possible to send this text directly to a computer or other devices in which the Google account is synchronized. This can be very convenient for those people who work in front of a computer and want to make communication between it and their smartphone more fluid.

In addition to these options, if you target a phone number or email address, is able to create a new contact automatically, add this information to an existing one, or even make a call or write an email. Artificial intelligence can even solve mathematical problems, such as equations. In addition, it shows the development followed to reach the final result, making it easier to understand, and can be a great learning tool.