Forget asking ChatGPT this question – it will never know the answer

forget asking chatgpt this question it will never know.jpeg
forget asking chatgpt this question it will never know.jpeg

ChatGPT not answering a question

ChatGPT It has become a revolutionary technology in 2023. So much so, that it is being used massively to carry out all types of queries, becoming a good assistant and co-worker. However, Artificial Intelligence has its limits and You will not always be able to answer all of our questions. what we do to it. Specifically, there is one of them that is not able to respond. What is it about?


This year has been characterized by introduction of numerous Artificial Intelligence tools in our lives. Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, there is no doubt, and the programs we use to perform any function are becoming more and more refined. For example, we have seen applications that write texts completely automatically, and even some that detect plagiarism in writing, as well as others that create faces that do not exist.

However, not all Artificial Intelligences are perfect, in fact they are more human than we think and can reach contain certain limitations. This is the case of ChatGPT, the Artificial Intelligence chatbot application that answers any question we ask or, in this case, not.

Queries to ChatGPT

ChatGPT is one of the most popular tech tools this year. Without going any further, according to the audience consultancy GfK DAM, more than 4 million Spanish users chatted with ChatGPT during the month of October 2023, thus tripling the rate of December 2022, and everything indicates that this trend will continue to grow next year with even more exhaustive use in all areas.

In your chat you can register queries of all kinds, since the AI ​​uses a series of parameters to perform tasks and send information in the most precise way possible through the use of language. So the more questions you ask him, the more concise his answers will be. However, there are also a series of prompts or instructions so that you can get more out of the application and thus obtain much more information.

What question can’t ChatGPT answer?

We have verified that not everything that glitters in Artificial Intelligence is gold and ChatGPT contains some handicaps that can sometimes hinder the user experience. Given this, it seems that ChatGPT does not work as a virtual assistantas Alexa or Google do with their smart speakers, which collect information from various Internet portals to answer any question, if not more like a robot that serves to perform specific tasks and give you easy solutions.

The truth is that ChatGPT is not capable of giving you details about the weather. In fact, we asked him about the weather this Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve in Spain in case we want to move to a specific point. ChatGPT’s response has been the following:

«I’m sorry, but I do not have the ability to provide real-time information, including specific weather forecasts for future dates. I would recommend that you check an online weather service or use a weather app to get the most up-to-date information on the weather in Spain during Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. You can search for local forecasts for the specific cities you are interested in.”


The result is that, at the moment, ChatGPT is not created to offer you this type of information, as virtual assistants do. Be that as it may, you must keep in mind that no rude or threatening questions should be askedthen you could be blocked immediately, since ChatGPT stores these types of conversations for a period of time to be reviewed by supervisors.



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