The two ways to connect your Samsung Galaxy to a Windows PC to have control of the mobile from the computer

the two ways to connect your samsung galaxy to a.webp.webp.webp
the two ways to connect your samsung galaxy to a.webp.webp.webp

These last few years, Google and Microsoft have been bringing closer positions on some issues. If Apple has its vaunted ecosystem, why couldn’t they do something similar with their operating systems? That is why we have seen applications like Enlace Móvil to view notifications and manage both calls and messages.

However, If we focus on Samsung, the relationship with Microsoft seems more special. The Microsoft office suite has been included in the Galaxy S for a few generations and, in addition, there are several specific applications to connect our Samsung to a Windows PC. And we tell you how to do it and what each of them allows.

From call management to having full control of your Galaxy on your PC

The Enlace Móvil application is not new. It’s been with us for a while now and it works great, but we’re telling you all this because a few days ago a new app called Samsung Phone in the Microsoft Store.

This app is quite limited, but it surely meets what many users are looking for.: answer a call from the PC. The connection is direct between the PC and the mobile, so the experience promises to be very positive. However, there is a problem with this app and others from the South Korean company that is in the Microsoft Store: it only works on Galaxy Book laptops.

That is, although Samsung laptops have Windows 11, Samsung limits compatibility with the system so that certain applications can only be used on its PCs. However, don’t worry because there are two ways to connect your Samsung mobile with a computer. And one of them allows you to call and receive calls just like Samsung Phone.

We have already mentioned the first one and it is ‘Mobile Link’. It is an extremely easy-to-use application that will allow us to link our Samsung to a PC. In this way, we can see and in

Samsung on Windows

On the other hand, Samsung has Samsung Flow. It is an app that you can download in the Microsoft Store and it is very similar, but the way of projecting the mobile on the PC and controlling it with keyboard and mouse works a little better

The first thing you have to do is download Samsung Flow both on your PC (we leave you the link in the previous paragraph) and on your mobile. It is available in both the Play Store and the Galaxy Store. Once we have it, we open it on the Samsung mobile, grant the required permissions and go to the PC.

Samsung on Windows

In the PC app, click on ‘Start’ and it will start searching for devices. If you have Samsung Flow open on your Galaxy, the search won’t take long. We click on the name of our device and a pop-up window will appear asking us if we want to allow Samsung Flow to pair the device with Bluetooth. We say yes.

Samsung on Windows

A new window will appear with a registration key on the PC and we have to go to the mobile to confirm said key and link the devices. When we have both confirmed the link, it will be done.

Something great about this app is that it has a feature called ‘Smart View which allows us to control the mobile from the PC. In fact, a window will appear with our phone’s screen in real time, so the connection goes far beyond simply seeing notifications.

connect samsung to windows

In fact, as we say, it is the entire mobile on your PC, so You can open the app you want and control it with the keyboard and mouse in a very, very simple way.

And something that is also great is that we can share files very easily with our mobile. We simply drag the files we want to share from the PC to the main screen of Samsung Flow and they will be copied to our Galaxy.

Samsung on Windows

Eye! From the Galaxy you can also


As you can see, there are several ways to connect your Samsung mobile to a PC to literally have your Samsung Galaxy on the Windows screen.

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