Don’t like Windows 11? This is how you can make it look like Windows 10

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dont like windows 11 this is how you can make.jpg

Windows 10 appearance in Windows 11

The arrival of Windows 11 to our computers seems to not be a dish of good taste for everyone and some users are not getting used to the new features that Microsoft offers with this new version of its operating system. However, if you are one of those who have updated to Windows 11 and were more familiar with the previous appearance, there is an option to enjoy the Windows 10 interface again in an easy and fast way.


Are you ready to go back in time again? It is possible that some users have not been satisfied with the new options that Windows 11 brings with it and believe that they have made an update in vain. To solve it, there is a way to reinstall Windows 10, but it is somewhat tedious because you have to restore the entire system so that it is clean and preserve all your data through a backup copy.

However, this can only be done in a short period of time, that is, Microsoft gives you a few days of testing Windows 11 to decide if you finally stay on that version or return to the previous one. In the event that you continue with Windows 11 and it has not completely convinced you after taking advantage of the new interface it offers, you can implement a method that will allow you to use the latest version of this operating system with the Windows 10 appearance.

How to apply the look of Windows 10

Windows 10 was launched in July 2015 to replace Windows 8.1 and completely skip the correlation of numbers for IT reasons and company policies. In this way, we have not seen the nomenclature of Windows 9, so Microsoft chose to go for the number 10 and put all its machinery in motion so that the new version of the operating system offered a more comfortable and intuitive appearance for the user.



For its part, Windows 11 was a major design overhaul when it landed two years ago, changing its nature to a Fluent design system, to create applications that feel more fluid and have the ability to offer more precise control for the user. New behaviors were also introduced that have reversed the way tasks are performed in this eleventh version. But if this modification has not been productive for you and you feel nostalgic for returning to the Windows 10 interface, you can modify standard system settings with a few simple steps.

Align and color the taskbar

Windows 11 updated the taskbar layout to the center on the Start screen, which had been aligned since Windows 95. To put it back on the bottom left of the screen, you must right click on the taskbar. Next, select “Taskbar Settings” and then look for the “Taskbar Alignment” option. Here, you will have to check “Left” in the drop-down menu to move all the icons to the left side, as well as the start menu button.

Windows 11 change to Windows 10 appearance

Then you can add another color to the taskbar to give it a more personal touch. In this case, we will set the default color of Windows 10. To do this, we have to go to PC Settings by right-clicking on the start menu. Next, you have to find the “Personalization” option and click on “Colors”. Once there, to get the most Windows 10-like feel, we’ll click on “Choose your custom mode” and immediately select the default Windows mode as “Dark” and the default app mode as “Light.”

Windows 11 change appearance in Windows 10

Change the wallpaper

Wallpapers have been renewed over time including increasingly modern shapes and creations. But if you want an authentic Windows 10 look, it’s best to change the background image. However, you will not see the characteristic backgrounds of the previous version in Windows 11. To do this, you have to go to the Windows Wallpaper Wiki website to choose the background that best suits your tastes. We have selected the original Windows 10 from 2015, but you can use whatever you want.

Finally, right click on the image you have downloaded and choose the “Set as background” option. Thus, the appearance of Windows 10 is already taking shape, but one more option still needs to be applied to achieve the complete modification.

windows 10 wallpaper

Modify the start menu icon

Finally, to get the perfect look of Windows 10, we will need to replace the start menu icon. In this case, you can try a third-party app called Start11, which contains a free version. Here you have the possibility of choose several different start menu layoutsincluding one very similar to that of Windows 10.

Now you can enjoy the appearance of Windows 10 in all its splendor. While there are other ways to customize all of these settings, most of them are not as close to this configuration that we just explained to you. There are also other additional customizations that can be modified in the registration code, but we advise against this because they can fail and cause slowdowns on your computer.



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