These are the six tips from OpenAI so that ChatGPT offers you better results

these are the six tips from openai so that chatgpt.png
these are the six tips from openai so that chatgpt.png

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Generative Artificial Intelligence is capable of offering us increasingly better results, completely adapting to our needs. Despite this, because of how novel it is, there is still a long way to go to fully exploit it. OpenAI tells us these tips to achieve better results.


Within all branches of Artificial intelligence that have been developing, and being presented, in recent months, Generative Artificial Intelligence has been one of those that has attracted the most attention. Especially given the leading role that OpenAI is achieving thanks to its language model, ChatGPT. With it, we can save time on a large number of tasks: document writing, report preparation, logo design… But do we really know how to get the most out of it?

The answer is probably no. And this is the reason why OpenIA has decided to publish the six strategies that we should all take into account in order to achieve better results in our interactions with ChatGPT.

The instructions, the clearer the better

ChatGPT can offer us a large number of results depending on the orders we give it. But, to focus the search, we need write clear and precise instructions to the tool. We can ask you, for example, to assume the role of expert in a task so that the response is more detailed and concrete. Or, in the event that we need the language used to be simpler, we can do the opposite and ask him to assume the role of a 12-year-old child.

Furthermore, we must also provide all the data that will help your response resemble our need: such as the number of words, the steps that are necessary to take into account to prepare the document, or even provide examples that you use as a guide.

chatgpt homepage on a computer

Reference texts

When we ask you to create an article or a logo, for example, we must avoid dispersions or having to search the entire network to find references. We can introduce the references with a reference text to avoid incorrect answers. A document in World or a specific URL is all we need for it to work on a specific topic.

Simple, not complex tasks

We may need ChatGPT to perform a complex task, cIt can be a general marketing plan, for example. Or a whole book on kitchen Recipes. However, when we ask it to perform such complex tasks, its error rate increases considerably.

Instead, we can choose to simplify tasks and divide general tasks in simpler stages that allow the error rate to be reduced. For example, we may ask you to write documents in parts or to make, individually, a certain number of recipes. Which, afterwards, we will manually put together in a book, continuing with the previous example.

It is not instantaneous

For ChatGPT to solve all our requests correctly, it needs time to think, just like a person would need. Following the instructions of OpenAI, we can offer you a chain of thought that you are able to understand that allows you reason reliably. In this way, you will reason in a more simplified way and will be able to draw your own conclusions about a final study.

The use of external tools

ChatGPT allows install plugins that help improve their functions. And, in many cases, they are necessary to obtain the desired answers. Although it is not the most well-known option, the reality is that it is no less useful.

Global changes are what matter

OpenIA states that it is possible that, if we modify the way we execute certain questions or commands, the specific answers may be better on a particular topic. However, the reality is that we must find a way to work so that ChatGPT offers us a good experience on a global level, not just on specific questions.

The company claims that evaluate the results When we make certain changes in the way we ask questions, it will allow us to identify what is the best result to obtain specific results.



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