Every new AirDrop feature in iOS 17 explained

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qjwuu7mvhxucbwbp57j5gu 1200 80.jpg

One of Apple’s signature iPhone features is AirDrop, which lets you quickly send photos or small files to another iPhone within range. It’s a feature that makes the best iPhones that much better, and even though Android phones can send files with Nearby Share, it isn’t as fast, easy, or just plain cool as AirDrop. With the next major OS update, iOS 17, Apple is adding a bunch of amazing new features that are sure to make AirDrop one of the features you use the most. 

Apple is making it faster and easier to find the phone, or even the Apple Watch, you want to share with depending on what you’re sharing. There’s a new way to pair and share, and it’s going to work with more than just simple photos and files. It’s going to make AirDrop a much bigger deal. 

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