New Twitter competitor created by Meta has app leaked before launch

New Twitter competitor created by Meta has app leaked before launch
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Threads, Meta’s social network that should rival Twitter, finally appeared confirming that it is in an advanced state of development and the beta interface of the application. This discovery was disclosed by Alessandro Paluzzi, an informant who identified the platform’s availability in the Play Store, the Android system’s application store.

The developer published the social network by accident and corrected it shortly thereafter, but the short term was enough for some users to download the promotional images. The content shows a huge resemblance to Twitter, including a button to like, share and send posts to friends.

There is also the possibility of entering directly with the Instagram account and following all the people on the other platform, a feature that integrates both social networks of Mark Zuckerberg. Some people were able to extract the app’s .apk file and install it on their phone, but they still can’t access or create an account.

When trying to log in to the social network, the following error message appears: Sorry, your account does not meet the requirements to use Threds. Please try again with another account”, possibly due to public restrictions.

Paluzzi made the installer available to everyone, but it is important to remember that downloading apps outside of Google Play can compromise the security of the cell phone, exposing the software to possible malware.

Meta Threads promotional images.

There is no information on when Meta Threads will be made official, but considering this recent leak it is possible that big tech will release it in the coming months. The expectation is that initially the availability will be restricted to the United States with launch in other countries later.

Check out the thread published by the informant below (with download of the app):

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