AI tells you what is the best name to give your child

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ai tells you what is the best name to give.jpg

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When you are going to be a father you have many things on your mind. Too many! And one of the most important is deciding what name you are going to give your child. It is a complicated decision, because is for all the life And, furthermore, you have to think about a lot of factors. Or, as we have done, you can leave it to the AI ​​and let it take responsibility for it. Do you want to know what their preferences are?

Within 15 years (roughly speaking), parents who have named their children with the use of AI will be able to confess to them that “my son, your name was chosen by an AI.” If the AI ​​is already corporeal at that point, your child may smack the robot. Everything depends on what comes out of the experiment. We divide it into two parts: global names for the entire world and those that are localized for Spain.

Best international name

Giving your children international names is becoming more and more popular and a good example of this is that you surely know many Kevins, a large number of Arias and other young people with names that will sound familiar to you from the cinema and television. Therefore, the first thing we have asked the AI ​​is to choose the best name for your child with an international focus.

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To start, AI gives us a top 10 of the names you like the most, combining for both boys and girls. It is the following:

  • Alexander
  • Emma
  • Elijah
  • Sophia
  • Matthew
  • Aria
  • Isaac
  • Mine
  • Leo
  • Amelia

As you can see, the truth is that international names have a lot of presence in our country today. Today there are more than 15,000 Alexanders in Spain, while, at the same time, there are more than 41,000 Emmas, which reflects very well the adoption of names that is becoming popular. If we take a look at a less common name, like Elijah, we will see that in Spain there are only 86 and the average age is 10.5 years, so a good part of the parents may have been fans of The Lord of the Rings.

Then we have asked the AI ​​to keep just one of those names and his response was the following:

Best international name for a boy according to ChatGPT

The amount that we have indicated before reflects that Alexander is a name that is spreading in Spain, although it is still far from the more than 260,000 Alejandros that there are in the country. For its part, as a girl’s name, its choice is Amelia. AND it’s not going wrong, because in Spain there are already more than 26,000 Amelias. The AI, which already knows how to do everything, such as deleting objects from photos, says that this is a good name because of its meaning (“work”), because of the charm it has and because of its roots in German and English.

The best Spanish name

The second test is for those who prefer to choose a purely spanish name or more adapted to the tradition of our country. In this case we were exposed to the ideal choice of artificial intelligence being “Alejandro”, but fortunately this was not the case. Although, as you will see in the top 10, this name is on the list of candidates:

  • Alexander
  • Sofia
  • Ivan
  • Elena
  • Adrian
  • Lucy
  • Matthew
  • Emma
  • Pablo
  • Valentina

Curiously, there are several that are repeated with respect to the international top and perhaps this should not be the case, since artificial intelligence has been left quite common Spanish names. In any case, the only choice among all the top 10 that he has made is the following:

The best Spanish name for a boy according to AI

Then we did the same as before and asked him to tell us which is the best boy’s name from the top he had formed. Your response, in this case, It has been Ivan. He argues this by saying that it is a classic name that is highly appreciated not only in Spain, but also in other cultures.

Have you already decided what name to give your son? The AI ​​doesn’t have bad ideas, but it might be better to choose for yourself!

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