“Dead Island 2”: Zombies are coming to Los Angeles

dead island 2 zombies are coming to los angeles.jpg
dead island 2 zombies are coming to los angeles.jpg

The Dead Live Longer: Nearly a decade after it was originally revealed, the zombie game Dead Island has been re-announced.

Dead Island 2 is alive: The zombie game was re-announced as part of the Gamescom opening show after the title was originally unveiled in 2014. Since then there have been several developer changes, Dambuster Studios now actually want to bring the action game to the market. It’s slated for release on February 3, 2023 for Xbox One and Series, PS5 and PS4, and PC – apparently exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

At Gamescom, the developer studio first showed a whimsical render trailer before showing a gameplay video of the zombie shredding. Judging by the trailer, the tone is once again black humorous. In view of the high level of violence, an age rating of under 18 is probably out of the question. “Dead Island 2” is set in Los Angeles.

The fact that the new part of “Dead Island” has recently made progress is only half a surprise: a few days ago, the online retailer Amazon had already activated a product page for the action game. The publisher is the company Plaion, which was known as Koch Media until August 4th.

The development team at Dambuster Studios is based in Nottingham, England. It consists primarily of former employees of the studio Crytek UK, which closed in 2014. So far, Dambuster Studios has only developed “Homefront: Revolution”.

Part 1 went on sale in 2011, “Dead Island 2” was then announced in 2014, at that time Techland was supposed to take over the development – but the studio then finally developed another zombie game with “Dying Light”. Finally, Yager took over the development, the release was planned for 2015.

After that didn’t work, Sumo Digital took over the development in 2016. Finally, in 2019, Koch Media announced that Dambuster should take over the development. The studio said it was developing the title from scratch.


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