Apple Vision Pro: the headset will cost even more if you wear glasses

1686010884 51 apple launches vision pro the mixed reality headset that wants.jpg
1686010884 51 apple launches vision pro the mixed reality headset that wants.jpg

Mark Gurman pulled out of his hat one of these predictions of which he has the secret. The Bloomberg reporter set a price range for the corrective lenses produced by Zeiss for Apple’s Vision Pro.

Apple, with its Vision Pro, intends to revolutionize our daily lives. Priced at $3499 in the US, this product isn’t aimed at the average consumer. But professionals, especially health professionals, will probably grasp the usefulness of cupertino mixed reality headset. Apple and Zeiss optics have entered into a partnership through which the German company undertakes to provide the corrective lenses for the Apple Vision Pro. As you might expect, they will not be given.

Apple headphones display a augmented reality in “passthrough”, which means that the two internal high-definition screens display the real world (captured by external cameras) while overlaying images and text generated by the M2 and R1 processors that power the device. This state-of-the-art equipment delivers high-level performance to the Vision Pro, Apple’s new “space computer”.

Vision Pro prescription lenses will cost at least $150 each

Mr. Gurman thus believes that “the Zeiss prescription lenses for the Vision Pro will cost at least $300-600 pair, unless Apple covers part of the cost. On this point, it is permissible to doubt. When we know how much it costs to manufacture the Vision Pro, we suspect that the firm will not give gifts to its suppliers. The company is known to favor its profit margin. Anyway, these lenses would probably be the most expensive in the catalogs of the manufacturer of precision optics. The most expensive lenses listed in its catalog would cost around $200 per unit.

That said, the Vision Pro isn’t the only VR headset that can mount corrective lenses. This type of accessory is available on most competing products, the PlayStation VR2, for example. If you own this device, and you have need for adapted corrective lensesit is possible to find some online for an oscillating price around 30 €.

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