The Queen of Chess: The Official Game on Netflix in July


Netflix is ​​about to launch the game The Queen of Chesswhose arrival is expected during the month of July. The new title will be the star of the lineup of new mobile games arriving this summer. Starting July 25, those who have a subscription to the service will be able to play the new title, which will apparently combine elements of the story and characters from the series, with the teaching of the classic board game. Not all the details are known, but something more is explained to us through the official description.

“Welcome to the world of Beth Harmon. Take lessons, solve puzzles and play games, or challenge friends in this dazzling love letter to the award-winning drama. In addition to the chessboard, players can meet familiar faces like Mr. Shaibel and Borgov, visit such as Beth’s Home, the Methuen Orphanage, the Las Vegas Tournament and more. From chess beginners to masters, this immersive experience will appeal to every type of chess fan.”

It’s not the first time a Netflix series has been adapted into a video game, for example one of the service’s most popular titles so far was Too Hot to Handle: Love is a Game.

The Queen of Chess is just one of several game launches slated to hit Netflix this summer, for example July 12 will debut Oxenfree II: Lost Signals (which will also be available on Switch, PlayStation and PC), followed by a new version of the classic puzzle game for mobile devices Cut the Rope. Also, on August 1st, the action RPG is listed as “coming soon”. Lego Legacy Heroes Unboxed and a puzzle adventure game called paper trail. We may hear more of the company’s gaming efforts later this month, most likely during Netflix’s annual Tudum event, already set to go live on June 17th.

This year the global live streaming event returns to Brazil, where in 2020 Netflix had created the first Tudum event in person. With more than two thousand square meters dedicated to activities, games, live music and more, the conference will also give attendees the opportunity to get up close and personal with their favorite stars. We just have to see the official trailer of all the upcoming summer titles, here it is to follow.


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