Apple ends up giving in and will incorporate one of the most historic features of Android in iOS 18

apple ends up giving in and will incorporate one of the most historic features of android in ios 18
apple ends up giving in and will incorporate one of the most historic features of android in ios 18

Apple and Google usually exchange certain functionalities of their respective operating systems that can offer important added value to their users. The last of them could be found in iOS 18, offering us extra customization thanks to a feature that has been available since the first versions of Android.

As is usually the case around this time, rumors about the features that are about to arrive in the new version of iOS are beginning to rumble strongly. In many cases, some of them are Apple’s own innovations, after having detected a need in its users and having carried out the relevant development to cover it. In others, they are inherited from other operating systems after having verified the good acceptance they have, as is the case with the one we are telling you about today.

According to Android Authority, those from Cupertino would be working to allow iPhone users to have another type of organization on their home screen. Starting with iOS 18, we could create blank spaces, rows and columns as we wish. A new scenario that, until now, had not been possible in any of the previous versions of iOS.

A new home screen

Over the last few years, iOS users have witnessed how, progressively, the company with the bitten apple has been adding new features that made the home screen a much more customizable interface. The incorporation of widgets, for example, is the best example of this. Recently, Mark Gurman, one of the most reputable Apple leakers on the international scene, stated that we were heading towards a home screen with more customization options.

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The possibility of adding white spaces, rows and columns has been in Android since its first versions and, for many users of this operating system, it is key in terms of customization. Since it allows us to organize the screen based on our tastes. On iOS, the way apps are distributed is significantly different from that of the Android system. In this case, the icons are designed to always automatically fill in the blanks.

More changes to the system

iOS 18 is taking over much of the technological news in recent weeks. In addition to the possibility that users have a greater number of options in terms of customization, it has recently been learned that the technology giant would also have looked at Google for a new service. In this case, to license Google Gemini, Google’s Artificial Intelligence, to be able to offer this technology to Apple users. However, it would still be in the negotiation phase for this and, in these conversations, the possibility of pivoting towards OpenIA would also be taken into account. So it seems that there is still nothing clear about it.

Apple is expected to announce iOS 18 at its annual developer conference in June. Until then, we will continue to pay attention to new news that emerges and that may offer us clues as to where the company is headed in the coming months. From what it seems, iOS 18 is going to be a version that will convince users to update as soon as possible, something that the last two have not completely achieved.

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