Apple Revolution! Discover the USB-C headphones for the iPhone 15

According to some reports, Apple is developing a new EarPods project with a special USB-C cable for the iPhone 15, being a different product from the usual AirPods of the “Made for i” program. Because in October last year, the European Union gave the green light to universal charging, that is, USB-C for devices. So this new device from the start date of the law remains the possibility that the iPhone 15 includes USB-C. However, by the iPhone 17 release date it will be completely mandatory.

USB-C earpods for iPhone 15

This could be a not very credible rumor on the part of the Chinese social network Weibo since in February it indicated the possibility that Apple would follow the path outlined by the new regulations. However, there would also be the possibility of including USB-C accessories in the “Made for iPhone” program. Apple began with the manufacture of its own circuit added to the Lightning type C typical of the new iPhone that would arrive this year, the report indicates.

Last Thursday user ShrimpApplePro, who has maintained a favorable record of leaks about Apple, tweeted about different accessories like EarPods that include USB-C connectors.

Apple’s Made for iPhone or MFi certification program is the prelude to accessories, among other things, and provides processors to companies to verify authentication. In this way, Apple ensures the verification of the authenticated accessories, likewise they will be able to connect them directly to their iPhone with all the quality standards.

Apparently by ShrimApplePro indicated that the USB-C MFi cable alongside EarPods versions already in mass production. This accessory could arrive before the launch of the iPhone 15 until autumn 2023, it would also add an AirPods charging case with a USB-C port.

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Apple continues to have wired EarPods for sale for now, although wireless AirPods are present and quite acceptable among the community. It is not necessary to have a charge, they are quite cheap and there is also a new version with iPhone USB-C without the need for an adapter.

User ShrimpApplePro replied to another Twitter leaker @analyst941 who reported that there would be no MFi limitation on USB-C iPhones. This is due to previous rumors on the iPhone 15 Pro models about data transfer on USB-C ports.