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Can I buy a Kindle with the cultural voucher?

can i buy a kindle with the cultural voucher?
can i buy a kindle with the cultural voucher?

With the arrival of the Cultural Bonus of 400 euros, surely you can’t help but think about everything you would like to buy using it. But the problem is that, sometimes, it is difficult to come to a conclusion as to whether what we want falls within the campaign or not. One of the most common questions is to know if you can buy a Kindle with the cultural bonus or if it is among those elements that are discarded. So that you can clear up doubts, we have investigated and made the pertinent checks.

The Kindle is one of the devices that are most used for cultural purposes. As one of the most famous e-books in the world, it is often among the interests of a large number of users. In relation to the Cultural Bonus, it must be said that it is very logical to have doubts about whether you can buy it or not. The bad news is that no, it does not fall within what you can buy with 400 euros, but we will explain the reason for the confusion.

Cultural bonus and electronic books

As I’m sure you already know, in the bases that have been established for the use of the Youth Cultural Voucher of 400 euros, it is indicated that it can be used in three categories. In one of them, that of digital content, reference is made to digital books (e-books), so it wouldn’t be weird if you might have thought they were referring to eReaders as the Kindle. Sometimes we are used to calling both elements in the same way: electronic book, something that is even established in the RAE.

But, beyond this possible small point of confusion, we understand that the acquisition of a device to read electronic books It is not included in the Cultural Bonus. What you can do is buy digital books to read on the Kindle if you already have the terminal or if you have decided to buy it with money out of pocket.

Therefore, if you are going to buy the Kindle so that you can later use bonus money on e-books, it is recommended that you take a look at the different proposals that Amazon has available. It is not easy to come to the conclusion of which Kindle to buy. You can opt for the Kindle in its basic model, updated in its 2022 version, or even invest a little more to get the Kindle Scribe, which incorporates a digital pen that allows you to write on the screen.

Although the model that accumulates the most sales volume right now it’s the 16 GB Kindle Paperwhite, an eReader that lets you take advantage of a 6.8-inch screen and doesn’t include advertising. In any case, all Kindles meet a series of characteristic features, such as high performance and great ease of reading.

Books for your Kindle

If you already have the Kindle, the next thing you will have to do is fill it with books. For this, you can use part of the money from the Cultural Bonus. A total of 100 of the 400 euros can be used to spend on digital content, a group that includes books for this device. If you browse Amazon you will be able to verify that practically the majority of books have their own version of Kindle and that you can even preview some pages to see what each one will offer you.

The Kindle versions are usually quite cheap, so with that balance of 100 euros you can surely get a significant amount of electronic books. That will guarantee you entertainment for a good period of time. As we said, take a look at the advance pages so you can know if you might like a book or not. In the event that you spend the 100 euros and there is still a book you want, what you could do is resort to the traditional paper medium and use another 100 euros of the total. So, one way or another, you’ll have plenty of books to read!