Android phones that will be left without Chrome: they will no longer be able to download it

The next version of Google Chrome for Android, which will be released in December, will no longer be compatible with mobile phones or tablets older than Android 8 Oreo.

As time goes by, it is natural that some old versions of any operating system stop receiving official support in Spain, something that It is usually an indication that you have to buy a new devicesince, generally, the end of updates means less security.

In this case, It is Google who has some newssince it has been announced that the next version of Google Chrome that will be released on December 6 will not be compatible with some older versions of Android, so those people who have a mobile or tablet with said software will be less safe when it comes to of surfing the internet.

This is something that happens eventually, and not only with the Google browser, but with any application, since From time to time developers have to release ballast in terms of compatibility and focus on current versions.

Google is close to launching Chrome in version 120 and it is coming so far. The browser brought its latest news to any mobile or tablet with Android Nougat, 7.0 or 7.1, from now on The device will need to have Android 8 Oreothe version that was presented in 2017.

The direct effect of this is that these devices will not be able to install new versions of the browser with their latest security updates, making browsing more risky. A good alternative, beyond renewing the device for a more recent one, can be change browsers and use one that is still compatible with Android 7.

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Google, like other developers, usually finds certain vulnerabilities in its operating system or applications over time, and updates are the way in which they usually correct them. Without them, these risks may remain uncorrected.

It is true that this is a version of the system that was released six years ago, but, according to the most recent data on the distribution of the operating system, it is a version that is still present in 2.6% of Android devices. Google Chrome 120 will be released on December 6, so users who still use a device with Android 7 have about a month left to look for a replacement or download another browser that is still supported with this version.