Bigger screen, generative AI… The iPhone 16 would arrive with all these improvements and more

iphone 15 pro max.png
iphone 15 pro max.png

iPhone 15 Pro Max on edge

The iPhone 15 went on sale a few months ago and rumors are already spreading about what the new one will look like. iPhone 16. In principle, the hypotheses focus on the incorporation of a bigger screenthe introduction of a Generative Artificial Intelligence or the obvious improvements that the new processor of Apple devices will include. If you want to find out the latest gossip about the next model of the bitten apple brand, don’t miss out on this article.

In recent days, certain rumors about the specifications of the new iPhone 16 that Apple will release next year. Although there are still ten months left for this to happen, the truth is that there has been a lot of curiosity about what the sixteenth generation of the company located in Cupertino will look like.

However, they are already circulating on the internet 5 improvements that the iPhone 16 will include to improve the performance of its current predecessor, the iPhone 15. Thus, technology is evolving by leaps and bounds and we could see significant changes in this new model, in such a way that it affects its physical appearance and the creation of one of the tools that most are giving something to talk about this year: Artificial Intelligence.

Larger screen size

As different iPhone models have been launched on the market, there has never been so much emphasis on the idea of ​​manufacturing a screen as large as that of the competition. In that sense, Apple has always been isolated from these types of fashions. But this scheme was broken with the arrival on the market of the iPhone 15, which in its Pro Max version consists of a 6.7-inch screen. According to experts, this dynamic could continue to expand with the iPhone 16, which It would reach dimensions of 6.9 inchesin the Ultra model.

However, the cheapest options of the iPhone 16 would come across a panel of standard measurements between 6.1 and 6.7 inches, as in its previous models.

iPhone 15 Pro Max screen

New processor with important improvements

At the presentation of the iPhone 15, Apple announced the launch of the A17 and A17 Pro processor, with a 3nm composition. In this context, as argued by the technology analyst at the Hong Kong investment firm Haitong International Securities, Jeff Pu, the technology company is expected to change the manufacturing process of the next chip. A18 and A18 Prowhich will favor energy consumption, a better cooling and heat insulation system, with the consequent increase in CPU and GPU power.

Pu also hopes that the overheating problems that this year’s model is having will finally be solved in the iPhone 16, so it is speculated that the chip manufacturing process goes from N3B to N3Ein order to reduce costs and compensate with greater efficiency and performance.

A17 ro processor iPhone 15 Pro Max

5x optical zoom for the Pro model

The company could add a tetraprism lens on iPhone 16 Pro to cause a great revolution in the smartphone landscape. However, this is not a new feature for the iPhone 15, since its Pro Max model already has it incorporated. Therefore, next year both the Finish Pro and the Pro Max will benefit from this photographic technology.

48 Megapixels and Ultra Wide Angle lens

Analyst Jeff Pu thinks the camera Ultra Wide Angle of the iPhone 16 could have a resolution of 48 Megapixels. This means that photographs can be taken with more detail, if possible. As for the standard snapshots, they will be around 24 Megapixels, which is the current quality that the iPhone 15 has integrated.

iPhone 15 Pro cameras Maz from the side

Generative Artificial Intelligence

Last, but not least, Apple would be immersed in the development project of its own Artificial Intelligence that would compete with ChatGPT itself. According to Pu, hundreds of AI servers are being built that will be available sometime next year, so the company would deploy its AI on iPhones and iPads. at the end of 2024.

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