Instagram brings generative AI to stories: the app has already started testing this function

instagram brings generative ai to stories the app has already.webp.webp.webp
instagram brings generative ai to stories the app has already.webp.webp.webp

Meta has big plans for artificial intelligence. The company led by Mark Zuckerberg wants incorporate AI into all your platformsand now has begun testing a new function to edit the photos and images that we share in Instagram stories using the use of prompts.

And it shouldn’t surprise us. Image generation tools using artificial intelligence have become very popular in recent months, which has led companies to like google and Microsoft integrate this type of technologies into their products (Dall-E is available directly in the Bing browser). Goal, without a doubt, does not plan to be the exception.

Edit photos for your stories using prompts

Zuckerberg’s company recently announced two new tools for its Emu artificial intelligence model, called Emu Video and Emu Editwhich are still in development but promise to give very interesting results.

However, Ahmad Al-Dahle, Meta’s chief AI innovation officer, has announced in Threads a function that is already available so that some users can try it: it is aboutto of an AI editing tool for Instagram that allows remove background from any image and replace it basically because whatever you want.

After selecting a photo or image to share on an Instagram story, when the user is in the editing screen (from which you can add filters, texts, music and more), there is a new icon among the options that, when pressed, will remove the background from the imageleaving only the person or group of people in the photo on a transparent background.

Once the background has been removed, a bar appears in which you can write a prompt that will tell Instagram exactly what background we want to have in the image. Among the examples of prompts that Al-Dahle mentions, the executive mentions “chased by dinosaurs” and “surrounded by puppies”.

The tool seems to work quite well, according to the demonstration video shared by the Meta executive, even managing to make a more than acceptable crop of the person who is the protagonist of the photo.

It works and is now available for testing, although for now it is only in United States. However, the fact that all users in a country can use it could indicate that its global launch is near, unlike if the tool were available only to a handful of users.

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