ADO Ebike partners with Yvonne Li, number 1 badminton player in Germany


ADO Ebike is an important brand in the world of electric bicycles, a brand that a few days ago officially announced badminton player Yvonne Li as brand spokesperson.

Yvonne Li has demonstrated the ADO brand vision of “inspiring more potential”. Together with SGS, the two companies are promoting the “Low Carbon Travel Project” to promote low-carbon short-distance travel and enhance the power of the ADO EBIKE product, to move forward and pursue excellence together, and to protect all cyclists.

Who is Yvonne Li?

ADO Ebike

Yvonne Li was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1998 and started playing badminton at the age of 5. She is currently the number 1 singles player in Germany and a member of the German national team. Yvonne Li is led by coach Wang Xuyan, who has coached more than 60 champions, and Detlef Poste, the head coach of the German national team.

She is known for having great sportsmanship and fighting spirit, always focusing on her professionalism, working hard and seeking excellence, which has led her to achieve an excellent position of 23rd in the Badminton World Federation ranking. Lee’s immediate goal is to achieve good results at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

During the ADO event, many people interested in the ADO brand and products, as well as other high-level German badminton players and badminton fans who had come to the event, came up to Yvonne Li to sign a photo. This is not unrelated to the good results that Yvonne Li has achieved in badminton competitions.
ADO Ebike

Outside the venue, ADO also held an electric bicycle test ride, there were many interested people, and many interested consumers tried different models.

ADO EBIKE Certification

ADO EBIKE, as we told you days ago, built the ADO EBIKE QTL Laboratory with SGS to focus on quality, constantly exceed the level of product quality, and dedicate itself to the pursuit of an excellent driving experience for the user, becoming the first QTL electric bike laboratory in the industry to comply with SGS (international certification standards).

All bikes must pass a strict quality inspection before leaving the factory to ensure that each ADO EBIKE is a high-quality product that meets international standards.

After passing strict production and inspection standards, DEKRA and SGS have tested the safety and quality of ADO electric bicycle products, and successfully obtained the internationally recognized DEKRA mark and SGS CE certification. Few brands in the industry have been able to achieve this certification, but ADO has. This is strong evidence of the safety and high quality of ADO products.

ADO EBIKE logistics

In order to provide users with a better shopping experience, ADO has optimized its logistics and delivery system through the overseas warehouse model. ADO has already achieved 48-hour delivery in Germany, the UK, Austria and the Netherlands, and other countries are opening up one after another.

This year, ADO joined China Netzwerk Baden-Württemberg eV (Sino-German Economic Association of Baden-Württemberg), and will work together with other Chinese and German companies in the association to exchange ideas and learn from each other’s strengths to provide better products and services to Chinese and European consumers.

New ADO EBIKE bikes

ADO Ebike

With the official announcement from the ADO brand spokesperson, the second generation of ADO products will arrive in 2023 with five new collections: ADO Air, ADO Jingle, ADO DECE, ADO Beast and ADO Oasis. ADO Air series is a pulley folding electric bike, ADO Jingle is a relaxed and stylish low crossover electric bike, ADO DECE series is a superior torque road bike, ADO Beast series is a fat bike super powerful and the ADO Oasis series is an electric cargo bike.

At the same time, the entire series of products will be fully upgraded with ADO Smart and ADO G-drive control systems, fully integrating performance and experience, creating more cutting-edge products for different scenarios, and providing solutions closer to the needs. users’ driving conditions for short-distance trips.

In the future, ADO Ebike will join forces with its spokesperson Yvonne Li and SGS to achieve the strategic goal of “low carbon mobility” and create a healthy and energetic lifestyle, opening a new chapter of “low carbon mobility”. . together. Yvonne Li’s strong appeal demonstrates ADO’s sportsmanship and healthy, positive attitude towards life, and encourages users to experiment, explore, innovate, experience the fun of cycling, and inspire their own infinite possibilities.

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