A Netflix of videos about Google Sheets, to be a crack in spreadsheets

excel tutoriales.jpg
excel tutoriales.jpg

Spreadsheets, whether in excel, Google Sheets or any other tool, including Libreoffice, help us to perform truly amazing tasks.

They are not only used to keep information classified, their formulas transform it into true programming platforms that are capable of acting as powerful applications that help companies of all sizes make decisions.

There are thousands of online excel courses, free tutorials everywhere, professionals who offer tricks on social networks, like on tiktok.com/@sheets.diarios… well, there’s no shortage of resources, but it’s the first time I’ve seen one platform specialized in videos of Google Sheets professionals.

This is Better Sheets, and it is presented exactly as I put in the title, a Netflix about Google Sheets.

Better Sheets started 2 years ago, but has only now morphed into a network of subject matter experts sharing tips. Members of this network help each other, giving examples such as an English school teacher in Thailand who uses Google Sheets to manage school operations, or teachers who create games for children to learn to use spreadsheets throughout the game.

Members are even creating sheets that are sold on marketplaces like Etsy, Shopify, and AppSumo, like the one that created a new system to manage energy throughout the day, or the one that made a new hashtag organizer for Instagrammers.

At the moment there are already 177 videos and more than 3,000 members waiting for the doubts of those who have just arrived.

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