3 Tips on How to Gain More Organic Followers on Instagram Reels


Instagram’s answer to TikTok, Reels, follows a trend by parent company, Facebook, to clone the competition’s product in the hopes of eating their followers. And as with all new platform releases, the organic reach is incredible at the moment — here’s how you can capitalize.

I know some of you will at balk the very notion of trying to grow a following on any social media platform, but for some it’s a legitimate way to earn a living and it can be plain old fun so long as you don’t take it so seriously. Easy, it certainly isn’t though, and it only really suits a particular personality. But for those of you who want to reach a larger audience, now is the time to start pushing content. 

In this video, That Icelandic Guy, Arnulfur Hakonarson, explains what Instagram Reels is and how you can take advantage of its rather generous algorithm, with three main tips followed by a sprinkling of some other helpful advice. Why should you take the advice of a guy with 16K followers on Instagram? Because he saw the potential with TikTok and now has nearly 600K on it using the methods he talks about here. So if you want to grow an audience on Reels, this is a pretty good place to start.

Are any of you getting some good traction on Reels?

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