Zoom IQ, Zoom’s intelligent assistant, debuts new generative AI features


Zoom IQ, Zoom’s virtual assistant, designed to improve collaboration and productivity based on generative Artificial Intelligence in your day-to-day work environments, is beginning to get two new functions, as the communication solutions platform advances it’s a statement.

These two new features are meeting summary for Zoom Meeting and generative writing for Zoom Team Chat. Once again, the company continues to apply its vision of a federated AI approach, whereby it makes use of its own proprietary AI models, as well as leading AI companies such as OpenAI and Anthropic, in addition to the models themselves. of selected clients.

The new to continue improving productivity

These functions are already reaching customers of select plans as free trials for each of them. When it comes to meeting summaries, Zoom says that for this feature it makes use of its own templates whereby hosts receive automatic summaries of their meetings and then have the ability to share them with both attendees and those who didn’t make it to the meeting. attend them.

And regarding generative writing in Team Chat, he points out that it makes use of OpenAI technology to carry out the composition of messages based on the context of the Team Chat conversation threads, in addition to being able to change the tone and the message length, as well as rephrase responses in personalized recommendations.

Smita Hashim, director of products at Zoom, notes that:

With the introduction of these new capabilities in Zoom IQ, an incredible generative AI assistant, teams can further improve their productivity for daily tasks, freeing up more time for creative work and expanding collaboration,” said Smita Hashim, Director of Zoom products. There is no single approach to large language models, and with Zoom’s federated approach to AI, we are able to deliver powerful capabilities to our customers and users through Zoom’s own models, as well as our partners’ models.

You need to enable the use of free trials for new features

To have access to these functions, customers have to go to the Zoom administration console and enable the use of free trials for each of the functions, being able to also select options to share data with Zoom, although from Zoom they already leave It is clear that the shared data will not be used to train third-party AI models.

More generative AI-powered features are coming to Zoom IQ

Zoom is already teasing that the next set of AI-powered generative features will be email copywriting, which will be generally available in the coming weeks, initially integrating into Zoom IQ for Sales, as well as summaries features. of Team Chat threads, organizing ideas and writing whiteboard content, which will also be coming soon.

It will be a matter of waiting for new releases based on generative AI technologies, although customers can continue to use the features that have been coming to Zoom IQ over the last year to improve their productivity.

More Information/Image Credit: Zoom

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