The simple action to delete an eSIM from your phone: this way you can make room for the new one

the simple action to delete an esim from your phone this way you can make room for the new one
the simple action to delete an esim from your phone this way you can make room for the new one

If you want to change telephone companies and you have an eSIM card, you must first delete it and cancel the service with the current company.

Physical SIM cards have been an element that has been with us for many years and has allowed mobile phones – and later smartphones – to connect to mobile networks. Both in Spain and in the rest of the world, they have evolved, from the conventional SIM to the microSIM , and will soon give way to eSIMs , which, in fact, are already present in many smartphones.

It is a kind of card that enables communication and is already integrated into the internal memory of the phone so that the user does not need to enter anything into the mobile phone to be able to communicate. With these eSIMs, you will only need to have contracted a rate with a telephone company , which will provide the keys through which each mobile will connect to the network depending on what it has contracted.

That is, at least, until you decide to change your company, or even your mobile phone, at which point it will be necessary to remove the card from your mobile phone. This process is simpler than it seems, and there are several things that can make it even easier.

How to delete an eSIM

The first thing to keep in mind is that you have to be sure you want to carry out this process, since in case you delete it by accident, you will have to contact the operator’s support section to request a new eSIM and follow the instructions. activation steps. If you want to delete it, the entire process is done from Settings and on the device itself.

You have to go to the Internet and networks section and once there click on the eSIM section. Here, you have to click on the one you want to delete and click the Delete eSIM button, which will end the possibility of establishing a connection through it. 

If the security option has been configured so that the mobile requires the PIN, it will have to be entered before deleting it, it will have to be entered correctly. Some mobile phones usually only have one space for this type of electronic cards, although the most modern ones allow you to store up to two.

It is also important to keep in mind that removing the eSIM from your mobile does not cancel your service with your operator , but for this you will have to contact them directly to cancel the rate. This method is also quite fast when changing from one operator to another.

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