Following my favorite Twitch streamers with the Android TV app made me desperate. Until I found the perfect alternative

following my favorite twitch streamers with the android tv app.webp.webp.webp
following my favorite twitch streamers with the android tv app.webp.webp.webp
Naturally, our television with Android TV or Chromecast with Google TV are perfect allies for the most avid consumers of streaming platforms. That includes me, who spends a few hours a week consuming content from Netflix, Prime Video… and Twitch. I confess myself as the biggest fan of Rubius, Auron, Xokas and company.

It’s not that I can watch the full broadcasts (Who has time for that?) but I can watch long periods of time that allow me to entertain myself and disconnect from everyday life. Surely, like most users, I used the platform’s official application, which is complete and similar to the web. However, over time I began to find a series of drawbacks that, together with an annoying bug, They led me to exhaustion. The frustration ended when I found the ideal solution: a better application than the original.

My problem with the Twitch app on Android TV

Traditionally I have used the official Twitch app, both on mobile and Android TV, on my new Chromecast and of course on my consoles. This is what I usually do to access a platform: use your own application. And it really is the best option, with exceptions.

In this case, my problem is not the ads – as sometimes happens with YouTube – or even the chat. The official app met my expectations. Some time later, my particular nemesis arrived, an annoying bug which apart from desynchronizing audio and video, makes it impossible for me to watch streams (even VODs) in 1080p.

It started in the Xbox app, which is beside the point, but over time I realized that the Chromecast was suffering from the same problem. I’ve delved into the depths of the internet looking for a solution, and I’ve even found other users with the same problem. Nothing has made me solve itnor change routers, nor reestablish connections, nor reinstall the app, nothing at all.

Twitch App Android

That’s when I looked for an alternative, I would say the perfect solution: forget about the official app to take the leap with an application developed by third parties. I tried a version modified from Twitch, Xtra (I didn’t like it on the TV) and a few others whose names I don’t remember. In the end, the one with the most “common” name was the winner: S0undTV.

This is the Twitch I always wanted

More control over current playback, ability to remember different points in a stream or VOD content, hide the chat, change quality without delays… S0undTV is the best way to enjoy Twitch on a TV or box with Android TV.

Now, I have it installed on both the television and the Chromecast that I usually move around the house. I don’t think I’ll ever go back because it gives back. a better experience than the official one. He bug What I had has disappeared, although as I say it is not the only thing I have gained.

S0undtv 1

Just install it from the Play Store to take a look at its benefits. I find the interface much more practical although it looks less consistent, the chat works perfectly even with BTTV emojis, it has PiP mode, a preview

As if that were not enough, it is magnificent for customize chatwith filtering options that allow me to avoid abusive comments, although one of the most useful features is its local VOD history: it works like YouTube, remembering every content I watch, and leaves me right at the second I stopped playing.

S0undtv Settings

The rest, the same as in the official one, with the option to follow users and categories. It doesn’t forget notifications when my streamers connect, and it has support for themes that give it a different feel. If you have read this far, I invite you to let yourself be conquered by its possibilities. This is the Twitch that I am looking for for my Android TV. I forgot: it’s totally free and without advertising.

S0undTV for Twitch

An alternative to the official Twitch app for Android TV televisions


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