Xiaomi launches glasses that include… a sound system to listen to music!

Xiaomi launches glasses that include... a sound system to listen to music!
xiaomi launches glasses that include... a sound system to listen

If there is a company that can surprise with its products, this is it. Xiaomi. It offers options of all kinds and, always, with a technological component that makes its accessories very useful. Well, the Asian firm has announced some glasses that have something that makes them special: they include everything you need to listen to music anywhere and without anyone noticing.

Aesthetically, the new Xiaomi Smart Audio Glasses are very similar to traditional models, with a fairly compact frame, and with the ability to use graduated lenses if necessary. By the way, the weight of this accessory is 38.1 grams, so they are not exactly a nuisance when used continuously (something that, surely, will happen regularly). Therefore, they are as elegant as they are ergonomic.

So are these Xiaomi glasses

In order to enjoy music anywhere, they use a open field sound system which has a 128-millimeter unit and another double suspension type SBS 2.0 to stabilize the reproductions that have the objective of balancing the reproductions so that they are precise and of quite good quality. In this way, without having to put anything inside the earit is possible to enjoy all kinds of content with quite good precision.

By the way, the Smart Audio Glasses have a own algorithm to achieve the necessary enveloping sensation to fully enjoy all kinds of content, such as games or movie playback. Therefore, previews are included so that you get a pretty good immersive feeling.


Connectivity with sound sources is done without having to use any cable, since compatibility with Bluetooth 5.2. This, together with the inclusion of small touch panels to control the reproductions and the waterproof (IP54), makes this Xiaomi accessory very interesting to use in all kinds of situations.

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More options of these glasses with music

On the one hand, it should be noted that they have dual microphone to answer calls and even activate the voice assistants that are installed on the phones with which they are synchronized. In addition, in what has to do with autonomy, there is excellent news, since the integrated battery allows you to reach the 22 hours of use without problems, so you can complete a work day or study without problems.

If you are wondering about the price, right now this accessory is in the process of financing with the Mijia brand, which is the one that Xiaomi usually uses for this type of accessory. The fact is that you have to pay 799 yuan, so we talk about about 108 euros to change. Nothing especially crazy, considering what this surprisingly eye-catching product offers.