Xiaomi abandons MIUI and announces HyperOS, the operating system with which it will unify all its devices

xiaomi hyperos sistema operativo logo.jpg
xiaomi hyperos sistema operativo logo.jpg

The moment that many Xiaomi followers have been waiting for has arrived: the manufacturer has confirmed that it will soon launch a new operating system that will take the place of MIUI and that, in addition, it will connect all the brand’s devices. Thanks to this turning point, the company is expected to reach its maximum levels of performance in mobile phones, televisions and other types of terminals.

It is called HyperOS and will replace MIUI, a platform that It has been available for 13 years and with which Xiaomi was facing problems to continue growing. This new operating system will be based on Android and has a clear objective beyond providing functionality and good performance: unifying all of Xiaomi’s products.

It will arrive with the Xiaomi 14 series

At the beginning of next year 2024 the Xiaomi 14 series should arrive, although for now there is no specific date. With these new mobile phones, among which could shine the rumored Xiaomi 14 Pro, the new operating system would make its debut. It would not be launched globally on all the company’s existing devices, but rather the manufacturer intends to make a progressive distribution so that, in the end, it becomes the standard. Thus, the new terminals would include it as a base, while the old ones would receive it little by little with updates.

Its availability is a logical move by Xiaomi taking into account the growth it has had in recent years. In a short time, the Chinese brand has started to cover more and more categories until it becomes a sign of quality and good price among the widest varieties of products, which include not only mobile phones or tablets, but also small and large appliances of all types of styles. Now, what Xiaomi wants to do is make the experience of those who trust its brand have a more logical basis and provide more possibilities.

200 product categories


We must not lose track of Xiaomi and the growth it is having. Today they already cover 200 product categories, including some that we may not think about when we are going to purchase a new device. For example, Xiaomi also has a presence in the automotive sector, in televisions and its importance in smart homes and home automation is advancing in giant steps. Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi, commented that this was a plan they had been working on for a long time and that, finally, they were in a suitable position to put it into practice.

They first began to consider their ideas and develop projects in 2014, the year in which the Internet of Things began to demonstrate that it was a type of concept that would triumph in the future. A few years later, in 2017, they gave way to the beginning of the development of an operating system that would connect everything. The result is HyperOS, a new platform that has required a lot of work and effort, but which could become the factor that makes that Xiaomi goes to a higher level. They say that they have created HyperOS using Android and their company’s own Vela system, preparing, above all, so that the platform is capable of managing a network in which there are billions of simultaneous connections.

For now we have not yet seen anything about the operating system beyond its logo, which destroys those theories that suggested that Xiaomi’s next platform would be called MiOS. As you can see above this paragraph, what looks like a leaked photo of the Xiaomi 14 with the operating system boot screen in the center, although it remains to be seen if it is a montage or a real leak. In any case, chances are you won’t have to wait long to learn more about this platform. At the latest, it is possible that, in December, the presentation event of the new generation of Xiaomi mobile phones will take place.

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