There are only a few days left: these phones will be left without WhatsApp next Tuesday



Starting next week, those users who have an older smartphone will be left without WhatsApp forever. Over time, the mobile messaging app has been updated, so with the new functions, a more recent operating system is required. And this is what brings us to the fact that different phones can no longer use this application.

It is not the first, nor will it be the last, that the application announces minimum requirements to function in Android or iOS. With the passage of app updates, the truth is that the requirements have been increasing. And it is obvious, since new functionalities are added every time that cannot be compatible with versions that are already several years old. So all those older smartphones that do not reach the minimum will be left without this instant messaging application.

Mobile phones without support for WhatsApp

In just a few days, a good number of mobile phones will be unable to continue using this well-known messaging app. This change will take place starting next October 24, 2023. With the latest WhatsApp updates, the truth is that this application will stop working on many smartphones. Everything will depend on the version of Android or iOS that your phone has.

The brand doesn’t matter, and the fact is that Samsung, Google, Sony, LG or iPhone They run out of support for WhatsApp starting next week. And, with the change in the minimum requirements of the messaging application, it will no longer be compatible with these Android or iOS devices.




In the case of Android phones, anyone who has a version lower than 5.0 of Android, you will no longer be able to use this application. Not just phones, but also tablets. For example, terminals or tablets with versions 4.1 or 4.4 of this operating system are left out.

Some of the affected devices include: Galaxy S, Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Tab 10.1. Just as those users with HTC Desire HD, HTC One and HTC Sensation, Sony Xperia Z or the LG Optimus G Pro will also be left without support.

And, as was seen with the latest betas of WhatsApp, the application already showed how it was necessary to have Android 5.0 to be able to install it on devices with this operating system. And if in your case you have an iPhone, you must keep in mind that any Apple terminal that has a version less than iOS 12.0 It will also be unsupported starting October 24.

Therefore, without compatibility, users with a smartphone that does not have those versions for the operating system will have to say goodbye to WhatsApp in their terminals. And once that happens, the application will show a notice informing you that it already works on that particular mobile. So there is no choice but to switch to a smartphone that has a more recent version of Apple and Google software.



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