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Will Apple launch new models of its iPad tablets in 2023?

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In the year 2022, Apple announced some new models of its range of ipad tablets. Of course, some of the rumors that spread like wildfire did not come true, such as the arrival of a model with an OLED screen. At the moment it is not known what will happen this year that has just begunbut there are some indications that it is important to take into account.

The truth is that, for the moment, there are no very important news on the horizon of the iPad range from Apple by 2023. Therefore, everything indicates that some of the crazy ideas (such as a device with a screen larger than 14 inches will not be a reality for the moment). Of course, there are some models that do seem to have a new iteration throughout this year -always taking into account the information and rumors that exist-.

What to expect as a novelty in the iPad

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There are some things that seem quite clear, such as the models that aim not to have an improvement. One of them is to launch the eleventh generation iPad. Since there was a launch in this regard in 2022, everything seems to indicate that in 2023 we shouldn’t expect these tablets to improve. Nor does it seem that the idea of ​​the Cupertino company is to update the iPad Airso it seems pretty unlikely that the sixth installment of this model becomes a reality in the short term.

Apple iPad tablet upright

One of the disappointments that may occur in 2023 regarding the iPad is that everything suggests that there will not be a new iteration of the devices called Pro (which are the most powerful of the company of the bitten apple). Taking into account that in October 2022 new members of this product range arrived, some with the M2 chip, It does not seem likely that the North American firm will take the step of putting new models on the market -whether with the same screen as the current ones or different ones-. And this also applies to the idea of ​​a 14-inch model, since this is not the time to compete with Apple’s own laptops.

The model that does have room for improvementr

Well, one is for which you can bet that it will have improvements in the year 2023. We are talking about the iPad mini. Because it has no news since 2021, this device could be updated by the company now led by Tim Cook. Normally there are so many advances in the processor as in the integrated RAMmaking it possible for this reason to achieve compatibility with functions such as Stage Center.

There will also be advances in the panel used, as well as in the connection options, since for example WiFi 6 will be used. According to the data available, it is more than possible that the new generation of this iPad will be a reality at the end of this year. The point is that It does not seem that this is going to be the year of the greatest novelties for Apple tablets… for that, we will have to wait until 2024.

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