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POCO prepares new wireless headphones, and you are going to love them

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The presence of the POCO brand in the market, which is owned by Xiaomi, is growing. It began as a manufacturer that launched low-cost smartphones, but with more than interesting features. And, in just a few years, it already has a range of mobiles that are quite powerful and, furthermore, that are accompanied by a good amount of accessories. Well, it seems that a new one of the latter will be launched shortly.

We are talking about headphones that have the particularity of being independent in use. That is, they are one of those who They do not need any cable to work because they make use of Bluetooth technology and, therefore, offer excellent freedom of movement and use (and, here, it should be noted that it will not lack protection against water so that it can be a good companion for sports lovers ).

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It already has a name and some characteristics

According to the source of the information, the name of this product is quite clear: LITTLE Pods (which could be called something else in China: Redmi Buds 4 Active). The case is that they will offer options that are quite striking and useful, such as the use of silicone tips to best fit each user. And also, they will have a battery case that will allow the headphones to be charged up to three times without having to connect them to a socket. We speak, therefore, of practically a full day of autonomy.


With a striking design where there will be a version with the yellow color that is already characteristic of POCO, it is certain that this model will have noise cancellation and option to use them as hands-free (since they will not lack an integrated microphone). In addition, they will have a frequency of 20 to 20,000Hz, so in principle they will offer an adequate sound quality (nothing is known about the size of the diaphragm, if it is greater than 10 millimeters, there will be few distortion problems).

In what has to do with the compatibilityit is certain that there will be no problem, since they can be used with mobile devices with iOS and Android. And the same can be done with computers and tablets. Therefore, they are a perfect solution to be able to use them in any type of situation.

Possible presentation of these POCO

Well, the data that has been published is positive, since it indicates that this accessory would be part of a presentation that is expected from POCO by the end of February, when the X5 phones would be officially announced (possibly in India). Therefore, it would not be long before we see one more example of the progress of this manufacturer which, at least in Spain, has an increasing presence and is fully recognized.

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