What’s new in ChatGPT: he can finally talk and listen to you

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whats new in chatgpt he can finally talk and listen.jpg

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ChatGPT is still in fashion. It is the present of current technology and for the Internet user it is a new way of interacting with search engines. However, few imagined that since the end of last year when we met her, she would reach the point where andHe can talk to you and listen to you to know what you want to ask him.

It cannot be said that OpenAI has fallen by the wayside, receiving more and more data from users interested in generative AI. And the next logical step was to understand the user and respond accordingly to give them answers to the questions they ask.

ChatGPT now listens to you and responds with its own voice

Artificial intelligence is becoming more developed every day. Beyond creating faces, companies are reaching points every day that they had never imagined, to the point where a person’s voice is not only an input of data, but also something as human as a reason to give a spoken response. to user.

And we are no longer talking about telling you what he has searched for, but rather he is able to reason the answer based on the information provided to him. This is a small summary that we have with the news of ChatGPT that finally listens and talks to you.

Conversations with AI

One of the improvements that OpenAI has introduced in its artificial intelligence is to listen and talk to the user. On its website you can see a sample of how the application’s sound reception system works, how it listens and interprets the data and how it is capable of generating the response according to the person’s demands.

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If you already thought it was incredible that the AI ​​would send you an extensive proposal on a topic such as recipes for the entire week or a trip, it will finally respond to you in its own voice. He is capable of carrying on an extensive conversation and uses the voice of voice actors to create the voices. Besides, It does not leave aside its voice recognition system to transcribe the words it receives into text.

New generative voice tools

In this sense, the program is also capable of creating synthetic voices from the moment it hears a real voice. This would be a great help for accessibility for some people who would like to hear their voice if they can no longer do so or, something that is becoming very commontranslate a podcast with the same voice as the author even if he or she is not speaking the language.

Conversations with images

The company has not been left behind all this time in the development of AI. The firm has provided you with a system with which it is possible to ask questions with one or more images. You can ask a question about the image you have entered so that it develops an answer to what you need.

chatgpt conversation

The program is so powerfulsince you can take a photo of the refrigerator and it can give you some recipes with what it sees, Ask if you have any tools you need in your box or even ask them to look for a specific piece of information in a graph that you have proposed.

It should be noted that the app is capable of translating texts, although there are still languages ​​in which the translation is more difficult to understand. This will not be a problem, since at the rate the application advances it is a matter of improving in this regard.

be my eyes

Another accessibility feature is in an app called Be My Eyes. Designed for blind people, the camera will help ChatGPT interpret what a person has in front of them so that they can get an idea of ​​the landscape. Furthermore, thanks to its new conversational model, the person can obtain valuable data from the environment, as if a person were accompanying them at all times to help them.

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