Android 15 Beta 2 arrives this Wednesday (15)

android 15 beta 2 arrives this wednesday (15)
android 15 beta 2 arrives this wednesday (15)

Google reported that it will release Android 15 Beta 2 next Wednesday (15). The update’s debut date was presented at Google I/O 2024, an event that had an almost total focus on artificial intelligence (AI). At the moment, only Pixel family phones and tablets can install the new version.

The update continues the operating system ‘s preparations , after the first preview for developers was released on February 16 . Later, on April 11, the company began distributing the Beta version to Pixel cell phones and tablets, such as the recent Pixel 8 , Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet .

This time, Google confirmed that Beta 2 will be distributed tomorrow (15). The expectation is that the new version will resolve the flaws discovered on previous occasions and bring some new features to those participating in the system’s experimental program.

After Beta 2, the company should release two more test versions between June and August. It is expected that stable builds will begin to be distributed in the second half of the year.

What’s new in Android 15?

Below, discover five features that will be present in Android 15:

1. Satellite Messaging

Similar to the iPhone, Android cell phones will now have a native feature to transmit messages via satellite. This feature tends to help in emergency situations, such as a car malfunction in the middle of the road or an accident on a trail, when there is no cell phone signal or Wi-Fi — as long as the device is compatible with the technology , of course.

2. Selecting the default wallet app

Although Google Wallet is the native option on many cell phones, it is not the only payment application available. In the Beta version, there is an option for you to select another program to make contactless payments. This adjustment is carried out through Android’s own settings, along with the options to define the main browser.

3. New settings for Do Not Disturb mode

Android 15 will offer more personalized settings for Do Not Disturb mode, which silences notifications and calls. With the update, it will be possible to activate some features at different times of the day, such as night mode or the grayscale screen to prevent lighting from disturbing your sleep, for example.

4. Application archiving

Application archiving will become a native feature starting with Android 15. With the change, the system will receive the Play Store function that helps free up space on the cell phone by keeping only the most important application data. Then, to use it again, you just need to do a quick download to recover the remaining information.

5. Interface changes

Android 15 will bring some changes to the interface. Applications, for example, will take up almost all of the screen space to increase the useful area of ​​the panel. There will also be changes to line wrapping to improve text readability on cell phones and tablets.

Other changes are also in the works, such as widgets on the lock screen , which should return to the operating system after the closure of version 5.0 Lollipop in 2014. Google may also implement options to check the health of the cell phone’s battery.


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