Goodbye political videos on Instagram: the simple action so that they do not appear in your feed again

goodbye political videos on instagram the simple action so that they do not appear in your feed again
goodbye political videos on instagram the simple action so that they do not appear in your feed again

Thanks to an Instagram option you can remove political content from the suggestions that appear when browsing posts.

Over the years, social networks and the way users interact with them have changed greatly, as has the content that is uploaded to these platforms . In Spain, users can access a large number of free alternatives such as TikTok , Instagram , Threads , X, Bluesky , Snapchat and many others in which to pass the hours.

Instagram is one of the best known, and as part of Meta, it has a large number of options available on both Android and iOS. Without going any further, you can eliminate the viewed messages indicator , and even ask the social network not to show you posts from a specific account .

One of its most interesting and recent options, in fact, has to do with the content that users see, which can be shaped and filtered to end up seeing only what each person is interested in and thanks to this option they can avoid seeing political content, something that can be quite annoying around election periods.

How to avoid political content

The content that appears on Instagram is somewhat more customizable than on other social networks. The company has the option of clicking the “I’m interested” or “I’m not interested” button on each publication, which means that the recommendation algorithm can be shaped to each individual’s taste , making the suggested publications go according to each person.

In addition to this, it integrates an option thanks to which the application will not show you political content from people you do not follow. This can be quite useful in periods of political unrest or when some type of election is close. It should be noted that this option will prevent it from appearing as recommended content , but if you follow an account that usually makes political posts, it will continue to appear to you.

To activate this option you just have to open Instagram and go to the application settings, within the profile section. Once here, you have to go down to the Suggested Content section and once there click on Political content. In this section only two options will appear, one to avoid this content and another to make it appear normally , so it is a decision that is up to each individual.

Luckily, Instagram also has moderation and information verification , whose indicator appears on photos or videos with erroneous information to warn users that it is not reliable. And, just as it is important to allow people to choose what content they want to see, it is also important not to contribute to misinformation.

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