How to contact Google to resolve problems with your account in a simple way

how to contact google to resolve problems with your account in a simple way
how to contact google to resolve problems with your account in a simple way

If you need to contact Google technical support in Spain to resolve a problem, this is the easiest way to do so.

That Android is the most used mobile operating system in Spain has the side effect that many people use the Google cloud. The mere fact of using a mobile phone with this system requires you to have a Google account, which gives 15 GB of free storage. But it is very normal that they fall short when it comes to storing photos or files.

Google One has become the application from which the Google account is managed and, in addition to including a section to see all the benefits to which you have access , it also gives the possibility of accessing a support area to contact with the company’s technical service. This is especially important, especially because Android users use many company services and applications, and they are all linked to our account: Google Photos, Chrome, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Keep.

This is a more comfortable and intuitive method than searching for the phone number for Spain on the Internet or trying to access a help chat directly by searching for it in your browser. Additionally, the app offers several different ways to talk to Google to try to resolve problems with their services.

Google Support

From the Google One application itself you can access the three different ways that Google offers for you to communicate with the company’s technical service so that they can try to resolve your questions or problems. It can be done by email, chat or phone , although each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Within this application you only have to scroll to the assistance section, on the right side of the bottom bar, to access the contact methods. It is a heart-shaped icon. If we want to contact you by phone or chat, waiting times range from 2 to 3 minutes . You just have to click on the corresponding option and follow the steps.

If you choose to do it by email , the estimated response time is 24 hours or less . This option seems the slowest and, therefore, the worst, but it may be the most appropriate if you want to report a bug, but do not have time to have a fluid conversation at that moment. In addition, we will maintain the thread of responses that has been given to us, in case we need to consult it later.

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