When you try to install Windows 11 on Nintendo Switch This is what Happen

when you try to install windows 11 on nintendo switch this is what happen
when you try to install windows 11 on nintendo switch this is what happen

Trying to install Windows 11 on the Nintendo Switch is a curious idea, to say the least. That’s exactly what an X user tried to do. According to @patryk , the installation took around three hours to complete and the result was not the most encouraging, as the commands took a long time to be responded to by the console.

It was to be expected that this experience would not occur in the most fluid way, especially given the capacity of the Nintendo Switch and its hardware, based on an ARM NVIDIA Tegra X1 chip from 2015, six years prior to the Microsoft program , which in the experiment was adapted for Chromebooks. This version running on ARM64 allows the CPU hardware to handle misaligned accesses transparently. 

According to the user, simple commands, such as opening the task manager, for example, took around 30 seconds to complete in Windows 11 on the Nintendo Switch. Other heavier programs didn’t even open.

PatRyk also tried installing a version of Linux with Steam on the Nintendo Switch, but the result was no different. However, just the fact that it is possible to install it shows a lot about the path that consoles have been following, especially in the last decade. The tendency is for this integration to evolve even further in the next generation.

Nintendo confirms launch of Switch 2 for the first time

Nintendo confirmed the arrival of the Switch 2, the new and expected generation of its line of consoles. The announcement, made on X by the company’s president, Shuntaro Furukawa, revealed that a formal statement with more details should come “this fiscal year”, which means that the Japanese game developer has until March 2025 to make the launch official. 

Without concrete details about the future Nintendo Switch 2, rumors indicate that the device could come with 4K capabilities and visual quality similar to that of the PS5 and Xbox Series X — indicating a much fiercer confrontation with Sony and Microsoft. It is also possible that, with the boom in artificial intelligence (AI), the company is considering adaptations (which would reinforce the reason for the recent postponement). The original Switch was released by Nintendo in the first quarter of 2017. Last year alone, the company sold 15.7 million units of the portable device. 

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