Tesla wants to rehire laid-off employees from the Supercharger team

tesla wants to rehire laid off employees from the supercharger team
tesla wants to rehire laid off employees from the supercharger team

A team of 500 Tesla employees , who worked specifically with the Supercharger, the brand’s electric car charger, was fired last week, as announced by the company’s CEO, Elon Musk. However, information from ArsTechnica indicates that some of the laid-off professionals must be rehired.

Tesla has plans to expand its Supercharger charger network, and in order to put these plans into practice, it will try to reinstate some recently laid off employees. In total, the expansion is expected to cost the company US$500 million .

The electric car brand headed by Elon Musk wants to strengthen its Supercharger network as it understands that EV owners, even though they can charge their vehicles at home, always seek to have the option of charging at stations on roads and highways.

The company has built more than 2,000 charging stations in the US alone, with more than 25,000 outlets.


Another strength of Tesla is that its charger network has a history of always working perfectly, while competitor charging stations have chargers that are often out of order.

Tesla’s Supercharger has dictated the rules in the electric car market

  • Over the past year, most U.S. automakers that sell or plan to sell EVs have said they would adopt Tesla-standard plug-in charging.
  • This way, they would abandon the CCS1 connector and use only the J3400 standard , developed by Elon Musk’s company.
  • Another measure taken by electric dealers was the announcement made by many of them that they had negotiated access for their customers to the Supercharger network, with the intention of obtaining more sales.


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