WhatsApp goes further: Now you can block your chats, hiding them from prying eyes

hidden chats

WhatsApp continues with its good streak of updates to which we have been accustomed in recent months. The objective of all of them: to improve the user experience of their consumers and avoid possible leaks of the same to some of their main competitors. Their latest proposal is to hide blocked chats and keep them away from prying eyes. We tell you.

Privacy is one of the issues that generates the greatest concern among users. We are increasingly demanding with the policies and actions of our favorite applications, seeking to prevent our data from being exposed to the eyes of third parties to whom we have not given consent. And WhatsApp knows this very well. Just a few months ago, the application presented the option to hide those chats that we did not want to appear in our conversations panel. However, the hidden chats tab continued to be visible. Now, WhatsApp would be testing a new option to hide it.

Currently, in order to access the chats that we have hidden, We only have to click on the corresponding menu in the main window of our conversations and, later, enter our secret code. If someone took over our mobile phone without knowing our secret code, they could access the previous screen, but never the chats in question. With the new update, everything will be 100% hidden.

Hide your blocked chats

One of the problems that the currently blocked chats is that the tab that indicates the place where they are located, as well as their number, is still visible. Although it is true that, as we have previously mentioned, without a code we cannot access its content, it is visible that we wanted hide certain conversations. 

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From now on, once incorporate this new functionality In future new versions, we will have the option to completely hide the folder in which these chats are located. If we enable the option, all information will be protected and hidden. It will only be accessible from the chat search bar if we type a key command that we must define previously, as shown in the screenshot taken from the media that leaked the information: Wabetainfo.

In this way, privacy will be completely assured, preventing anyone with access to our phone, or who is close to us, from accessing such information. A very useful option if we want our conversations to be protected and we usually use our terminal in environments where there may be many people around us, such as public transport or at work.

hidden chats

Still no official date

Although still we don’t have the official date in which we will have access to this new functionality, everything seems to indicate that we will be able to access it in the very near future, since it would already be in a fairly advanced testing phase. Despite this, it will probably initially be incorporated into Android, as is usually the case, to progressively give way to the iPhone. We also do not know if the improvement will be incorporated en masse to all users or a phased deployment will be carried out, as many manufacturers usually do in order to verify the proper functioning of the version in question.

In any case, it is important to regularly check our app store to check new updates that are presented in the market. These not only allow us to enjoy the company’s latest innovations, but also have our device with the latest active security measures.

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