What are sunspots and how do they affect the Earth?

solar system
solar system

The Sun as we know it emits an intense shine, but it is not uncommon for parts of its surface to have a dark color that clashes with the rest of the planet. These dark parts are called “sunspots”, which became known for their relationship with solar flares and emissions from energy jets. Next, check out more information about sunspots and understand how they affect the Earth .

What are sunspots and how do they affect the Earth?

There are countless factors inside and outside our planet that influence its existence, and the Sun is part of this statistic. As is common knowledge, our Sun is a large star which is concentrated in the center of the Solar System and where several space objects orbit.

Due to its safe proximity, the Earth is able to extract more benefits than harm from the Sun, including part of its radiation. However, just as our planet can go through periods of instability, the same happens with the Sun: among the main examples of instability on the star’s surface, it is possible to mention solar flares.

These eruptions are directly influenced by the star’s magnetic field and when a location receives above-average magnetic activity, the star suffers a residual drop in temperature compared to the rest of the star. During this period of lower temperature, dark spots form on the surface of the sun and can be observed using specific technologies.

Sunspots have different shapes and sizes, and usually appear when there are changes in the Sun’s magnetic field. During their appearance, it is possible that solar eruptions produce a very strong rate of radiation, which, if directed towards the Earth, causes different types of consequences.

Among the main problems, it is possible to exemplify: geomagnetic storms, which disrupt communication and electricity networks, and can cause permanent damage to satellites; and auroras, caused by the interaction of solar energy with the poles of planet Earth.


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