Threads arrives in Spain: you can now download Twitter from Instagram without tricks

threads arrives in spain you can now download twitter from.webp.webp.webp
threads arrives in spain you can now download twitter from.webp.webp.webp

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, everyone has wanted to take advantage of the tumult caused to create their own alternative that welcomes dissatisfied users. Meta’s is Threads and it was officially launched in July, although not worldwide. Europe was left out of the Threads launchas Meta needed extra time to ensure that the application complied with European legislation.

The day has arrived and Threads is now ready to use in Spain and the rest of Europe, after the app has overcome some of the pitfalls, such as the ability to delete your account without also deleting your Instagram.

Threads arrives in Spain

The countdown is over and Threads is now available download and use officially in Spain, without having to resort to downloading the APK or using VPN. Of course, it may still be a while before app stores like Google Play and the App Store are updated to allow downloading in Europe.

If it is not yet available for download, you can always choose the web versionwhich now I should show you the web version of the applicationinstead of a countdown.

Threads is a Twitter clone that is based on the Instagram accountpractically the same in functions as Twitter and company, although there are no hashtags here… still. Threads accounts are also Instagram accounts, so you can log in with your existing Instagram account.

It is precisely this duality that has delayed the launch of Threads in Europe, since the application It didn’t allow us to delete the Threads account without also deleting the Instagram account. This is now possible, after being deployed among its users for just over a month.


It is now possible to delete your Threads profile without also taking away your Instagram

The Spanish (and Europeans) They join the Threads party a little latewhich has been available in the rest of the world for half a year now and began to lose strength after an original release in which it garnered more than 100 million of users in a week.

The European launch of Threads should mean a new boost for this Twitter alternative. According to The Wall Street JournalMeta hopes to gain about 40 million more users during 2024 with this maneuver.

Threads, an Instagram app

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