This is the browser that I always install on all my phones: it’s free and it’s the easiest way to use a VPN

this is the browser that i always install on all.webp.webp.webp
this is the browser that i always install on all.webp.webp.webp

I recognize that my devices are full of ‘software’just in case‘, but while some are a bit Diogenes syndrome, in other cases I do get a lot of use out of them. So, while on my iPhone I use Safari to browse and on my Android devices I access the internet through Google Chrome, on all of them I have an alternative browser that always comes to the rescue when I need it most.

Why Opera is essential on all my devices

He browser in question is Opera and is available for free in App Store for iOS devices and on Google Play Store for Android and it is a fixture on my tablets, mobile phones and computers for two reasons: the first because it is always good to have an extra browser, in case a page causes problems in your default browser. The second reason is that Opera allows me to have a VPN free enough to get by when I need to bypass geoblocks or simply an additional layer of privacy and security. But it has much more.

For me there are two fundamental requirements for any browser worth its salt: that be fluid and be safe, two conditions that Opera more than meets regardless of the device from which you run it. In fact, if it is not my main browser, it is simply due to inertia, since it has a function that allows you to exchange files between browsers regardless of whether you use Android, iOS, macOS, Windows or Linux (the function is called Flow).

One of its keys is that it is no navigation distractions thanks among other things to the fact that it comes with a fairly effective ad blocker configured by default and that you can activate or deactivate as soon as you enter the settings, in a kind of quick settings menu where you will also find the incognito mode and the VPN.


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I think the point of Integrated VPN It deserves its own explanation: since it is integrated, you just have to touch the button to activate it from the options, so it is easy, fast and there is no need to install additional applications or extensions or pay for them. As Opera details in its conditions, does not record web traffic of the pages we visit when we have it activated (you will see it both in the options and in the navigation bar, where a ‘VPN’ appears in blue).

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I find it practical to have these tools on hand, but in general The interface is the most minimalist and refined I have ever tried., which makes tasks such as privacy consent or options to delete browser data much easier, for example. In short, you don’t get lost searching for options and trying to figure out what they are for.


Of course, there is no shortage of common functions such as being able to choose the default search engine, favorites and bookmarks or history. I have never used it but it also has a wallet for cryptocurrencies, but for me the real icing on the cake is Aria IA, or in other words, the chatbot with artificial intelligence based on ChatGPT thus we save extra applications or extensions, since it is integrated and easy to access, although it is necessary to create an Opera account (free).