Revolution in WhatsApp: all the functions and tricks that you can use and don’t know

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827427824 239369047 1706x960.jpg

The messaging application has many advanced functions that most users are unaware of and that can be very useful on a daily basis.


The purchase of Whatsapp by Facebook (now Meta) seemed like it was on its way to ruining the platform. The reality is that this service has maintained its independence quite well, despite greater integration with some services of the parent company. Despite everything, it has been improving little by little (the speed of updates has never been one of WhatsApp’s priorities) and has established itself as a reference application for communication.

What was the perfect app to talk to friends and family Nowadays it is also a work tool, being very common for it to be used to talk to colleagues, bosses and even contact companies. And future developments indicate that this aspect will be strongly reinforced.

There are many functions that are added in testing phases and that little by little reach users, but many of them arrive almost without warning to the general public, and they go unnoticed despite being really useful. Some are still in development, such as the option to change the colors of the application, the option to use a name instead of a phone number or the option to view messages twice.

However, in 2023 they reached all users, not just those who have trial versions or developers, features that improve daily use of the application, improving the quality of photos, allowing you to modify messages or chat without using the mobile keyboard. Although there are many more, the seven most important have been selected.

Edit messages

After years of waiting in the first half of last year, the company finally announced that they would be allowed edit WhatsApp messages. The idea is to allow you to correct the message when it is sent, but not modify it much later. In fact, After a few minutes the message is fixed and it cannot be changed, although it can be deleted.


To edit a message you simply have to Press and hold on the sent message, then press the three-dot icon in the upper right and select the Edit option. After modifying it, a text in italics will be displayed next to the message indicating that this message has been modified, so that the interlocutor knows.

Photos that self-destruct

Sending photos via WhatsApp is one of the most used functions on the platform. What many people don’t know is that is it possible to send a photo that can only be opened oncein case we want someone to see something but not be able to show it to other people later.

This feature has been around for a while, but it is not widely used. So that a shared image cannot be opened more than once You just have to share it as normal and click on the circle icon with a 1 inside located just above the send image buttonthe one with the white paper airplane icon in a green circle.

Voice chats

Among WhatsApp users there are two clearly differentiated types. There are those who use voice notes all the time, without ever writing, and those who hate having to listen instead of read. For the first WhatsApp, it has designed a new tool called Voice Chats, similar to Twitter spaces, which They allow you to chat using your voice.


This function allows the interaction of dozens of people simultaneously, which requires a certain logistics because if you don’t understand each other it is impossible. It is similar to using the group audio call in that you can disable the microphone, hang up the call, or send a message without leaving the voice chat.

Images and videos in HD

One of the main drawbacks of WhatsApp as a tool for sharing photos and videos is that Their quality was clearly affected by the service’s compression algorithms.. These algorithms lowered the quality of the images so that they did not take up too much space, but the sharpness was clearly compromised.

Last summer, WhatsApp updated the application to give the option to send images and videos with higher resolution. Compression was still applied, but it was much less, at the cost of taking up more space. To use this function simply You have to click on the HD icon that appears when sending any multimedia file.

Two WhatsApp on one mobile

For a few months it has been possible have the WhatsApp account working on several devices at the same time, even two mobile phones. What not many people know is that you can also do the opposite, being able to have two different WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile phone.

For this it is necessary to have two SIM cards or one SIM and one eSIM and two accounts can be used. This is perfect for those who have two separate phone numbers, one for personal life and one for work life.

Chat blocking

WhatsApp conversations are usually very private, and many times you don’t want other people to have access to them. It is possible to put a PIN or a pattern on the mobile or even secure it with a face unlock or a fingerprint, but it is very It is possible that a family member or friend knows that code.


To set a password to a specific WhatsApp chat company activated a feature that even allows you to use emojis for encryption. In addition, chats that have been blocked disappear from the chat list on the main screen, so that they are not visible to other people.

Create Stickers

Another of the functions that arrived recently is the creation of stickers or stickers directly from the application, without having to install third-party apps. This feature is now available for iPhone users running iOS version 17 or later. It remains to be seen if it comes to Android in the future.