This will be ChatGPT 5, the new generation chatbot that will replicate human intelligence

this will be chatgpt 5 the new generation chatbot that.jpg
this will be chatgpt 5 the new generation chatbot that.jpg

ChatGPT 5 improvements Artificial Intelligence

2023 has been a before and after for the development of Artificial Intelligence with the arrival of ChatGPT into our lives. And this technology is here to stay, in such a way that certain aspects of its communication structure are already being updated to be able to more accurately copy human intelligence. To this end, its executive director is already spreading the news and functions of the new version of the chatbot: GPT-5.

Although the metaverse has not been widely received, we all know that Artificial Intelligence is booming and has already become one of the biggest trends in recent years. This is what the CEO of OpenAI is making it look like, Sam Altmanwho already has in mind what are the most important aspects that he wants to launch for the next generation of ChatGPT, GPT-5, as he commented in the latest episode of the podcast “Unconfuse Me”, directed by Bill Gates himself.

During his speech, Altman talked about the improvements that the user will obtain when using GPT-5, assuming a leap towards a new language model much more powerful than its predecessor, GPT-4, so that a machine can think like a human being, through reasoning and understanding.

ChatGPT 5, the most advanced chatbot

The boss of OpenAI wants his technology to be the most innovative on the Artificial Intelligence scene. To do this, it is carrying out the evolution of an artificial structure capable of creating natural communication with humans. As we know, ChatGPT is an AI that creates texts and images through our requests or questions in a matter of seconds. For example, it can produce tedious jobs and tasks in a very short time that would take a human being hours and hours to complete.

Thus, Altman spoke on Gates’ podcast about the most notable points of GPT-5, highlighting “more reliable work, with better customization and multimodal skills”. By multimodal, the president means that the AI ​​uses content that includes images, audio, video and numerical data, which means that it accepts all types of multimedia files, although the chatbot can only generate text. Although he also wants GPT-5 to have much more reasoning ability and precision to respond to the user and is not as limited as its previous version.

«At this time, GPT-4 can reason only in extremely limited ways. Also in reliability. If you ask GPT-4 most questions 10,000 times, one of those 10,000 is probably pretty good, but it doesn’t always know which one, and it would like to get the best answer out of 10,000 each time, so that increase in reliability “It will be important.”

ChatGPT 5 improvements Artificial Intelligence

When will GPT-5 arrive?

Still, Altman has argued that there is still they have not started testing in the new ChatGPT language model, although it is expected that this year it will end up being implemented as a replacement for the GPT-4 version. Currently, this latest update contains a paid subscription and has the greatest knowledge of events and other events of 2023 to date, as well as an image generator as powerful as Dall-E3.

Will GPT-5 be much better than GPT-4? Its CEO is apparently sure that They will develop the most powerful chatbot on the market and they have several arguments to make it possible. However, we will see if all his wishes are finally more than fulfilled.

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