These are the applications that I always install on my Android to save battery and free up storage

these are the applications that i always install on my.webp.webp.webp
these are the applications that i always install on my.webp.webp.webp

Two of the aspects that most mobile users take the most care of (or should we care more) are: battery health and storage capacity. A cell phone is not much use to us if it does not stay on for as long as we need it, and allowing the device’s storage to fill up usually impair your performance.

Of course, it is more difficult to fill the storage of a mobile phone with a capacity of 512GB or 1TB. But devices with that capacity They are usually much more expensive, so many of us end up with a mobile phone with 128 GB or, if we’re lucky, 256 GB of storage. And what’s even worse, that phone probably does not have support for expanding its storage using microSD cards.

Therefore, in order to take care of the storage and performance of my mobile, I usually use some applications that allow me better understand the status and operation of the device and offer some solutions to free up storage and even save battery.

The idea of ​​many of these applications is that the user can know the status of the mobile hardware to be able to take the necessary actions For example, avoid using your phone for gaming or resource-intensive tasks when the temperature is too high, or delete apps and large files when storage is about to run out.

These are the apps we recommend:


Apps 1

Castro is a great app that offers real-time device information, including battery temperature, amount of RAM in use, available storage capacity, and CPU status. It also includes a widget to always have this information at hand on the home screen, and allows you to export data reports as PDF files.


Castro is an excellent app to obtain detailed information about the hardware of an Android device.

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Files by Google

apps 2

The Files or Google files application is extremely useful for freeing up storage space on your mobile, as it analyzes all the files stored on the device looking for duplicate files, files that are too large and others to make our lives easier when we want to clean our mobile and free up space. storage.

Files by Google

Files is an app that not only allows you to view and manage files on your mobile, but also eliminate large and duplicate files.


Apps 3

InWare is another application to obtain detailed information on the device’s hardware, however, this time it does so with an appearance or interface design based on Material Design, the same style that Google has been using for years on Android. The app is very easy to use, with a minimalist interface that reveals information such as the SoC that the mobile uses and how many resources we are consuming, information about RAM and more.


InWare is a minimalist app that reveals all the information about the hardware of a mobile device, with an interface inspired by Google’s Material You.

Device Info

Device Info is the most comprehensive app on this list to check device hardware status. The app reveals the level of CPU consumption in real time, the storage capacity in use, the battery charge and temperature, the version of the operating system, the number of sensors on the mobile (and which ones they are), and how many applications are installed. In addition, it allows you to run tests to check the status of the different parts and components of the device.

Device Info

Device Info not only offers real-time information on the device’s hardware and software, it also allows testing to verify the correct functioning of its parts.

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This is an application that not only offers all possible information about the mobile battery, including its health, but also offers guides to help us charge the mobile battery correctly. For example, Electron allows you to configure alarms for when the charge has reached the ideal charge (the charge should not exceed 90%), or when our mobile phone has decreased below 20% or 15% of the charge, something that we should also avoid to extend battery life.


Electron is an app that offers information on the health status of the battery and allows you to set alarms to prevent battery degradation.

SD Maid

SD Maid is an application with many years of experience in the Android ecosystem, a true classic in the Play Store. It is a very simple, but effective app: it allows you to search for residues of uninstalled applications and garbage in the system, as well as unnecessary files, to clean up your device’s storage space. It has a free version, but the Pro version is even more capable.

SD Maid

A classic application to detect waste and junk files on your mobile, and delete them easily.

The fastest way to free up storage on your mobile

Applications like SD Maid or the popular CCleaner can be extremely useful, but they need to be used carefully. Its operation is often based on deleting the cache, something that can be good but depends on the case, and closing apps in the background, so you will consume more resources when starting that app again.

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If you want to free up space because your phone has, for example, only 128 GB or 64GB of storage, the best way consists of three foolproof steps:

  • Go to the settings menu of your smartphone and there to the applications section, sort the list of installed applications by size and delete all those apps and games that you don’t really use but take up several GB of your storage
  • Go to your mobile gallery and delete as many videos as possible, since these take up the most storage space. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should lose these videos, you can back them up to your computer.
  • Go to the WhatsApp settings menu, then to the Storage and data section and delete the contents of the larger chats or groups folder. Trust me, you’ll be surprised at how big the folders are for many of the groups you’re in.