The quickest way to know if my Xiaomi mobile will receive the new HyperOS: install this app

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the quickest way to know if my xiaomi mobile will.webp.webp.webp
Xiaomi presented HyperOS as a new and complete operating system to replace MIUI on their devices, and at the same time, unify the company’s entire ecosystem. The first phones with HyperOS are already reaching the market, like the new POCO X6 Pro but what will become of the devices that the company had launched so far?

The answer to this question is that many Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO phones will be updated with the new HyperOS In fact, dozens of models will receive the operating system. If you don’t know if your phone will receive the update, below you will find a very simple way to find out.


How to know if a Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO mobile will receive the HyperOS update

Although HyperOS is partly based on Android 14, Xiaomi created a new operating system that promises to be more efficient than the custom layer that the company used until now, MIUI, and also has changes to the interface as a new control center and, of course, one of its biggest attractions is the integration that all HyperOS devices will have in the home.

Many phones that until now use MIUI will be updated to HyperOS, and a very quick and easy way to know if your device will receive the new operating system or not is by downloading an application called MIUI Downloader & HyperOSas our colleagues explain Xiaomi World.

MIUI Downloader & HyperOS

MIUI Downloader & HyperOS is an application for Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO mobile users that allows you to check their compatibility with HyperOS.

This app, which is available directly in the Google Play Store, can identify the mobile phone on which it has been installed to provide information about the device and its version of the operating system, and can even search and download the latest stable versions of the system available for the mobile, or configure alarms to notify the user when a new version of the system is now available.

Miui Xiaomi Hyperos

But to know if your phone will be updated to HyperOS or not, you only need to download the application and access it. When you open MIUI Downloader & HyperOS the application will reveal if the mobile is updated and if it is compatible with the update to HyperOS and Android 14.

It is a very quick and effective way to know if the device will have the new operating system, and to find out immediately when the update is available.

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