The trailer for “The Fabelmans”, the semi-biographical film by Steven Spielberg, was released

On this occasion, the American filmmaker steven spielberg focused the camera on his own childhood, from the bad relationship between his parents to anti-Semitic bullying, in The Fabelmansa highly personal feature film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The Fabelmans is a 2022 drama film directed and co-produced by steven spielberg from a script he wrote together with Tony Kushner. This is a semi-autobiographical story starring Gabriel LaBelle in the role of Sammy Fabelman, who brings to life a young aspiring film director based on Spielberg himself. It is dedicated to the memory of Spielberg’s real parents, Leah Adler Y arnold spielberg.

First images of “The Fabelmans”. (Amblin Partners)

“Movies are dreams…”, is the first message that its official trailer shows, while a mother is seen handing over a camera to a child. Then a train is visualized moving at full speed directly to the child’s face, but a blinding light sends the viewer to another image focused on the hands of the same child, watching a movie in it; while a voice in off ends the opening phrase saying “that you never forget”. “Movies are dreams you never forget.”

The boy named Sammy is surrounded by a lot of light and love in a family in which friends are also a part. Sammy has an artist mother and a scientist father and according to her mother, he looks like her. Then he grows up and so does magic, as his life is filled with many moments captured on camera, smiles, learning and fun while creating visual stories with a lot of imagination.

First images of "The Fabelmans".  Michelle Williams plays the protagonist
First images of “The Fabelmans”. Michelle Williams plays the protagonist’s mother. (Amblin Partners)

“That you dismiss what he does is funny or imaginative, but you could afford to be a little encouraging”, is one of the most resounding phrases expressed by Sammy’s mother, who over time, together with the boy’s father, they never cease to be amazed at what he creates. Near the end another message is heard that says: “You have to do what your heart tells you. You have to”; while holding hands between mother and son and hugging between his father and him.

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Its synopsis relates that “Growing up in post-World War II-era Arizona, a young man named Sammy Fabelman discovers a devastating family secret and explores how the power of movies can help him see the truth.”

First images of "The Fabelmans".  (Amblin Partners)
First images of “The Fabelmans”. (Amblin Partners)

michelle williams, paul dano, seth roden Y Judd Hirsch they also appear in supporting roles. Other talents of The Fabelmans are Julia Butters, Gabriel LaBelle, jeanie berlin, Oakes-Fegley, Robin Bartlett, Gabriel Bateman, Nicholas Cantu, Sam Rechner, Chloe West, isabel kusman Y Jonathan Hadary.

The Fabelmans It’s a movie-within-a-movie story you have to see.