MediaMarkt has an irresistible offer on the Samsung Galaxy S23 256GB

mediamarkt has an irresistible offer on the samsung galaxy s23 256gb
mediamarkt has an irresistible offer on the samsung galaxy s23 256gb

From MediaMarkt they are celebrating their 25th anniversary and they want to share it with great offers that cover practically the majority of their categories. Reviewing the different offers they have available, there is one that has caused us special interest. This is the chunk of discount that the store has on the Samsung Galaxy S23, one of the best phones on the market.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 has been, since its launch, one of the most important star terminals among those that the Korean manufacturer has marketed in recent years. It is a true gem on many levels, both for its technical capacity and for the features it offers and its excellent camera. The offer that MediaMarkt makes is 26% and means that you will pay much less than you might be imagining.

A mobile that can do everything

With the Galaxy we are used to always expecting an unparalleled level of power. Samsung is one of the manufacturers that best masters the manufacturing of Android phones and that, generation after generation, manages to maintain the high level to which we are accustomed. With the Galaxy S23 they maintain that quality that we expect from them and what they achieve is a device that is prepared to meet the maximum demands.

It achieves this due to the presence of very efficient components, such as a latest generation chipset that is responsible for offering maximum performance in games, applications and any type of task that you want to enjoy. Above all, what stands out most about the mobile phone is the fluidity with which all its actions are carried out, without suffering any stoppages or any drop in performance. So that even in the most tense moments you don’t have to worry about the temperature of the terminal, the Galaxy S23 includes Vapor Cooling, a system that promotes advanced cooling .

The camera follows the same power line, having a set of sensors with a main 50 megapixel sensor with DualPixel F.18 technology. You can record videos that will surprise you and take photos in all kinds of formats and qualities, for which you can also use its ultra-wide-angle sensor or the 12MP front camera. And you won’t have to worry about the battery, since this terminal is equipped with a 3,900 mAh battery that will ensure that you always have your phone ready for whatever you need.

Environmentally conscious design

Its very high level of quality is not at odds with Samsung’s interest in benefiting the ecosystem and the world in general. For this reason, the Korean brand has manufactured the Samsung Galaxy S23 in a very conscious way, including recycled plastic and other components that you will love if you are worried about the pollution that some manufacturers make with their devices. And if we talk about components, we must also mention the presence of a Gorilla Glass 8 protector for its 6.1-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen and edges that have been equipped with Armor Aluminum.

We had previously seen sales on the Samsung Galaxy S23, but MediaMarkt has made one that is even superior and that leaves us with the mobile phone at a really cheap price. The 26% discount brings the phone’s usual cost of 869 euros to only 639 euros . If you do the math, you will see that you will be saving 230 euros , a figure that in this type of purchase is very juicy. Also, keep in mind that this is the version that has 8GB RAM and 256GB internal storage, so you will have the best possible performance.

But be careful, you may want an even more advanced model from this same range. In that case, we are going to recommend the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra , which also has a good discount in this MediaMarkt offer campaign . Thus, you can find it with a 35% discount so that you pay much less than normal. And, on the opposite side, we recommend the Samsung Galaxy A35 5G, which has a 15% discount that will make you pay less than 400 euros for it .


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