The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will lose the rotating bezel, is it a good idea?

Everything indicates that, with the new folding smartphones from Samsung -which will be presented last summer-, the new generation of the company’s smart watch will also arrive. We talk about Samsung Galaxy Watch 5a model that will maintain the use of Google’s operating system, Wear OS. Well, a detail has been known regarding its design that is important.

The first thing is that everything indicates that the accessory will have a circular screen so that a completely recognizable appearance is maintained and, the screen, as usual, will use a high-resolution OLED panel with Gorilla Glass protection. In addition, the possibility of buying the wearable with straps of different materials will also be maintained so that it fits perfectly with your tastes and the metallic finish that the smartwatch will have. Besides, as has been known, there will be a pro version of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5.

Where will the surprise come in this smart watch?

well so and as published will be in the bezel which will be included in the smartwatch. The generation that is currently on sale of this accessory includes a rotating one, something that makes it different from most of its competition (including Apple’s Apple Watch). With it, it is possible to choose actions that are carried out without having to manipulate the screen at all. Of course, its usability is not the best possible, and there are not a few who do not use this component on a regular basis.


In this way, it seems that the Asian company would have made the decision to do not include this item in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. The reason, apart from what was mentioned before, could be in the inclusion of some additional functions in this model that would make the operation of the mentioned bezel unfeasible (even greater resistance to dives could also be the reason that would lead to this happening). The fact is that it seems that this time there will be more differences than usual in the different versions of the new generation of the manufacturer’s smartwatch.

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Some more things that are known about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

To begin with, everything indicates that the battery of the device would be much larger, having an amperage of up to 580mAh, which would mean that it would be more than possible to use the smartwatch for more than two days, a very respectable mark for a model that will allow the installation of applications. Additionally, it will offer additional functions such as being able to measure the temperature of the skin so that it performs the function of thermometer anytime.

Some media even point out that this new generation of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 would have sugar meter in the blood and much better access to the Internet independently (5G maybe?). For everything to be confirmed, we will have to wait for the summer to pass, there is no other way.