The most searched on Google in Spain during 2023: from Shakira to Mbappé through the amnesty

the most searched on google in spain during 2023 from shakira to mbappé through the amnesty
the most searched on google in spain during 2023 from shakira to mbappé through the amnesty

Google has revealed the list of the most searched terms on the Internet, which reflect the concerns and priorities of Internet users.


2023 is nearing its end, so it’s time to look back and review what happened throughout the year; and on this occasion, there is a lot to remember. In the technology sector, for example, ChatGPT and similar projects such as Google Bard gave a lot of talk and everything indicates that 2023 will be remembered as the year of generative AI.

And what better indicator of what was the most important thing of the year than Google searches, which continue to be the main method for learning and discovering what’s happening in the world . After all, it is accessible to tens of millions of people from their mobile phones or computers.


Today, the technology giant has not only revealed the most searched terms throughout 2023 in Spain; The report also includes data from specific regions, which helps to better understand the differences in the priorities of Spanish Internet users.

The most searched on Google

As we have commented before, it is not surprising that ChatGPT is one of the most searched terms in Spain in 2023; What the reader might not expect is that it has even surpassed the general and municipal elections held this year. Indeed, ‘ChatGPT’ is the most searched term when it comes to news, with ‘Elections 2023‘ in second position, making clear the impact that AIs have had on general consciousness. On the other hand, ‘How are the elections going’ was what Spaniards asked the most on Google, in addition to topics related to politics such as ‘What is the amnesty’ and ‘Why the war between Israel and Gaza’ .


Top searches News

  1. ChatGPT
  2. Elections 2023
  3. Women’s Soccer World Cup
  4. Rubiales
  5. Israel
  6. Maria Teresa Campos
  7. Shakira
  8. Mbappe
  9. Matthew Perry
  10. Marta Chavarri

Top searches How to

  1. How are the elections going?
  2. How to know if I have reached the polling station?
  3. How the elections are going in Spain
  4. How to vote by mail
  5. How to request help of 200 euros
  6. How do I know where I have to vote?
  7. How to vote
  8. How to buy Treasury Bills
  9. How to know if I have been granted aid of 200 euros
  10. How to survive a goodbye

Top searches Why

  1. Why the war between Israel and Gaza
  2. Why yellow flowers are given on September 21
  3. Why is Twitter called X
  4. Why are the elections early?
  5. Why are Sálvame canceled?
  6. Why am I not getting Instagram notes?
  7. Why does not it rain
  8. Why Lara Álvarez is not in Survivors
  9. Why doesn’t my period come back?
  10. Why do I sweat so much?

Top searches What is it

  1. Amnesty
  2. Lawfare
  3. Botulism
  4. Hamas
  5. Synesthesia
  6. Tub
  7. The Kings League
  8. Kibbutz
  9. Sibo
  10. Surrogacy

And it is not a regional issue: ‘ChatGPT’ has been the most searched term in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Malaga and Valencia, all the regions for which Google has shared the search terms. As expected, sports news has a great weight in searches in Spain , with the Women’s Soccer World Cup and the controversy with Rubiales occupying the top positions. However, when it comes to sports searches, it is Mbappé who takes the honors, ahead of Jenni Hermoso and Olga Carmona .

Top searches in Madrid

  1. ChatGPT
  2. Israel
  3. Shakira
  4. Elections 2023
  5. Oppenheimer
  6. Clara Chia
  7. Maria Teresa Campos
  8. Mbappe
  9. Women’s World Cup soccer
  10. Rubiales

Top searches in Barcelona

  1. ChatGPT
  2. Shakira
  3. Oppenheimer
  4. Israel
  5. Matthew Perry
  6. Clara Chia
  7. Women’s World Cup
  8. Rubiales
  9. Elections 2023
  10. Tina Turner

Top searches in Malaga

  1. ChatGPT
  2. Soccer Women’s World Cup 2023
  3. Elections 2023
  4. Rubiales
  5. Maria Teresa Campos
  6. Mbappe
  7. Israel
  8. Oppenheimer
  9. Clara Chia
  10. Shakira

Top searches in Valencia

  1. ChatGPT
  2. Elections 2023
  3. Israel
  4. Oppenheimer
  5. Shakira
  6. Clara Chia
  7. Soccer Women’s World Cup 2023
  8. Rubiales
  9. Matthew Perry
  10. Maria Teresa Campos

Top sports searches

  1. Mbappe
  2. Jenni Hermoso
  3. Olga Carmona
  4. Sergio Ramos
  5. Salma Paralluelo
  6. Alexa Putellas
  7. Bellingham
  8. Nano Table
  9. Joselu
  10. Lamine Yamal

When it came to searches related to art and entertainment, the Oppenheimer vs. Barbie showdown dominated searches in the same way it dominated social media presence; In Spain, it was Christopher Nolan’s film that won, at least in terms of searches, with the rest of the year’s releases occupying the rest of the positions. Regarding television and series, Temptation Island was the winner, followed by The Body on Fire and The Last of Us .

Top searches Cinema

  1. Oppenheimer
  2. Barbie
  3. as beasts
  4. Avatar 2
  5. Fast and Furious
  6. Titanic
  7. Megalodon 2
  8. My fault
  9. Guardians of the Galaxy 3
  10. The Moon Killers

Top TV and series searches

  1. The island of temptations
  2. The body on fire
  3. The Last of Us
  4. Survivors
  5. Alpha Males
  6. Grand Prix
  7. The promise
  8. One Piece
  9. mask singer
  10. VIP Big Brother

Bad Bunny may have been the most listened to artist on Spotify in Spain, but when it comes to Google the most searched was Shakira , undoubtedly ‘helped’ by her pact with the Prosecutor’s Office after admitting the fraud of 14.5 million euros. María Jiménez , Tina Turner and Carmen Sevilla , illustrious people who died in 2023, occupy the rest of the top positions. While the Spanish searched for these news and events, they also spent time experimenting in the kitchen, with the Limón Serrano dominating over the Orejas de Carnaval .

Top searches Music

  1. Shakira
  2. Maria Jimenez
  3. Tina Turner
  4. Carmen Sevilla
  5. Sinead O’Connor
  6. White Dove
  7. Loren
  8. Amaral
  9. Bruce Springsteen
  10. Inigo Quintero

Top searches Recipes

  1. Serrano Lemon
  2. Carnival ears
  3. caipirinha
  4. Antequera baton
  5. Hakusai
  6. Fig jam
  7. Italian pizza dough
  8. Applesauce
  9. Quince
  10. Castilian soup


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