Amazon offers a discount of more than 700 euros on this powerful Samsung 4K Smart TV

amazon offers a discount of more than 700 euros on this powerful samsung 4k smart tv
amazon offers a discount of more than 700 euros on this powerful samsung 4k smart tv

Amazon gives the final touches to its spring sale campaign and does so with some final discounts that are top-notch. As you have surely seen on other occasions, the store always has golden opportunities reserved for the last few hours. In the case of this Smart TV, it is a 52% discount that will make it very cheap.

Samsung Smart TVs are always going strong and become, in their own right, some of the best screens you can access. The Samsung 65Q77C model is one that has everything to please you and is also on sale on Amazon with a great discount that you should take advantage of, at least if you were thinking of buying a new television. And to find out about more offers like these every day before anyone else, you choose, you can follow us on Telegram or WhatsApp , we have a channel in each of the apps.

The best Samsung technology

Although most Samsung screens are of the highest quality and power, there are some that stand out above the rest due to their great possibilities and features. The Samsung 65Q77C fits into this category, offering a 4K QLED processor , a 65-inch size, and advanced sound and image technology.


When you turn it on you will begin to enjoy a new experience thanks to the way in which its system shows you an optimized image at all times. This will be something you will also appreciate when you start downloading applications available on the television. The Tizen operating system provides you with wide flexibility and all kinds of apps that you can download in the easiest way. Not only do you have available those that are essential for television, such as Netflix or Disney+, but you will also find those from other services such as TikTok or YouTube. The intention is that you turn your television into the center of your entertainment.

And, to make it even more useful, the Samsung 65Q77C also becomes the nerve center of your smart home experience. Thanks to the SmartThings environment you have the possibility of managing the other Smart elements in your home and having maximum comfort without having to leave the sofa. Of course, the best voice assistants, like Google or Alexa, are ready for you to make the most of them and simplify your daily life even more.

Games of the highest level

Gaming is supported by Smart TV with everything we expect from a brand like Samsung. The South Korean manufacturer has introduced Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ technology so that the fluidity of your games is above your expectations . You won’t have to worry about any slowdowns and you’ll see the flow of the fights be the smoothest you’ve seen to date. You also have HDMI 2.1 connectivity on up to four ports, so no console or gaming system will be left unconnected. And, as a complement, the Q-Symphony sound will make you listen to movies, games and other content in a way worthy of the best cinema.

Amazon always surprises us with very good discounts and this offer is no exception. The usual price in the store is 1,499 euros, but since it has been given a 52% discount, the final cost you will pay is only 719.98 euros . As you can see, the savings are enormous, more than enough for you to go for this Smart TV if you were looking for a very efficient model that also had an irresistible discount. The discount, or at least part of it, could well be used to get additional sound equipment like the ones we recommend in the next few lines.

As always, maintaining your Smart TV environment with Samsung devices is not a bad idea. Therefore, we are going to recommend the Samsung HW-Q800C/ZF sound bar if what you want is for your sound capacity to be the maximum you can imagine. Their current discount is 28%, which means you will also save a good amount. Another option is to opt for the Samsung HW-T420 model , whose price is much lower, but also guarantees adequate performance.


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