We have tested the Motorola Edge 50 Ultra: a versatile high-end with great night photography as a claim

i have tested the motorola edge 50 ultra a versatile high end with great night photography as a claim
i have tested the motorola edge 50 ultra a versatile high end with great night photography as a claim

After presenting its new Motorola Edge 50 series and the Moto Buds headphones in its two interesting options , from VOONZE we have had the opportunity to test for a while the largest model in the series, the Edge 50 Ultra . A mobile that visually differs from the Edge 50 Pro in a single detail: the vertical design of the camera located at the bottom of the rear module.

Thanks to this detail, one can be distinguished from the other, since, otherwise, it is practically identical in external appearance, although in its internal parts it has notable specifications to provide this smartphone with  outstanding night portrait photography , This is one of the best excuses to dig a little deeper into your pocket and access your purchase. The Motorola Edge 50 Ultra is available in Spain for 999 euros.

Of course, it has some very important competitors and has to face the Samsung Galaxy S24 in its base model and the Pixel 8 Pro . Motorola uses its commitment to emotional connection with the user to offer great value to its smartphones, whether through PANTONE and its distinguished colors , or unique perfumes in its collaboration with Firmeminch; as stated by Andrea Monleón, General Manager for Iberia of Mobile Business Group (MBG), in the interview given at the beginning of the year to Voonze .

Motorola has also emphasized the importance of photography in the new series and the Edge 50 Ultra is the total example of these advances. It uses Moto AI to specify the photographs and correctly understand the scenario where the user is located to apply the best possible adjustments.

The photography of the Motorola Edge 50 Ultra

So artificial intelligence is used to improve the details of photos and even apply them when there are none; always appropriately so that no type of inappropriate correction is generated, and to make the necessary adjustments to improve the color and even the bokeh effect when using portrait or portrait mode.

Unlike the Edge 50 Pro, which has to wait for an update to its camera app, the Edge 50 Ultra does have the  auto tracking  function so that it follows the person and is not out of focus at any time when recording video . The 64 Mpx telephoto camera with 3x and 100x hybrid zoom with Super Zoom stands out above all . The three cameras are characterized by using Quad Pixel technology. These are three added to the front:

  • 50 Mpx OIS camera with f/1.6 aperture (Quad
    Pixel Technology for 2.4μm and Omni-directional PDAF).
  • 50 Mpx ultra wide angle + Macro Vision (Quad Pixel for 1.28μm).
  • 64 Mpx telephoto camera with 3x optical and 100 x hybrid zoom (OIS and Quad Pixel Technology
    for 1.4μm).
  • 50 Mpx front camera with AF and f/1.9 aperture (Quad Pixel
    for 1.4μm).

The two previous portrait photos were taken with vertical mode (that’s what Motorola calls portrait mode in the camera app) in Marrakech and serve perfectly to make clear one of the advances in photography of the new Motorola Edge 50 Ultra. Both taken in low light to show that it is an ideal smartphone for those photographs that are not so easy to take at night with good dynamic range, color and sharpness in the different sections of the photograph.

Its other important aspects

The screen is another of the best virtues of the Edge 50 Ultra, as well as the rest of the phones that make up the series such as the Edge 50 Pro and Edge 50 Fusion. A 6.67-inch pOLED with super HD resolution (1220p) with a 144 Hz refresh rate, support for HDR10+, DCI-P3 and a peak brightness of 2,500 nits.

Another of its big differences compared to the Edge 50 Pro is the presence of the new Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 chip , announced just a month ago , which does a great job in conjunction with Moto AI for photography; one of the battle fronts that Motorola is now working on to turn this mobile into one that can compete head to head with the Pixel 8 Pro or the next Pixel 9 Pro .

Like the Edge 50 Pro, the 50 Ultra features a unique configuration of 16GB LPDDR5X RAM and 1TB of internal storage with UFS 4.0 system . Internal memory plays an important role, and to find a mobile this year with that capacity you have to go to the Galaxy S24 Ultra with a price of 1,819 euros or the  Pixel 8 Pro , but in a 512 GB configuration per 1,099 euros.

Ultra-fast charging of 125 W, wireless charging of 50 W and a capacity of 4,500 mAh are other benchmarks to understand the Edge 50 Ultra against the competition. Of course, the Pixel 8 Pro and the next 9 Pro are the rivals to beat.

Apart from Android 14 or its IP68 certification against water and dust , the design is another of the keys that the brand is working on in the entire Edge 50 series. The Ultra model is the maximum exponent with the unibody body and three colors in which the Peach Fuzz (this year’s PANTONE color 2024) in vegan leather and the PANTONE Nordic Wood in a ‘wood’ finish that we have been able to get our hands on, openly stand out.

sober and soft touch to show a unique value in this sense to accentuate the emotional connection with your mobile phones and that has its great reason for being. In fact, it is not the only one that is playing its cards very well in this regard and Google launched  the Pixel 8 in mint green  at the beginning of the year.

I buy it?

The advance in photography, an incredible screen and the unibody design with PANTONE colors, make the Motorola Edge 50 Ultra a worthy competitor against the competition based on those aspects, but if you add its ultra-fast 125 W charging, a personalized layer with remarkable experiences like shake to turn on the flashlight or 1 TB of internal storage with its 16 GB of RAM, take it to another level.

We emphasize the emotional value of Motorola devices and the Edge 50 Ultra is the champion of that connection that the brand seeks. Of course, to put it exactly in its place, you have to know what you are looking for in a mobile phone, and in this case, compared to Google or Samsung mobile phones, its ultra-fast charging or its 1 TB internal memory are two important specifications. to take into account before facing the final decision to make the balance finally tilt to one side or the other.

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