The new Google Maps: more accurate weather information to let you know if it’s going to rain where you are

the new google maps more accurate weather information to let you know if it's going to rain where you are
the new google maps more accurate weather information to let you know if it's going to rain where you are

Google Maps on iPhones has had this function for a few years now to know the forecast and anticipate rain and bad weather.

Apart from the new design that is expected to arrive soon for Google Maps, the technology giant already has another great idea in its head to expand the experience of one of its favorite apps. This novelty has been present on iOS for years, but on Android it has been non-existent. Everything is going to change with the arrival of the new version.

Apple already scored a big goal when it took Dark Sky to completely delete it from the Google Play Store and thus bring it to iOS. This app focused on hyperlocal forecasting and a design that made it one of the best apps that could be downloaded on Android. It has been more than three years since it was acquired by Apple and Android has always lacked a similar app.

The same has happened with Google Maps on iOS, which has offered the possibility for four years of showing the weather to skip installing another app. It is the idea behind the new Google Maps that has been announced by the editor of Google News on Telegram. He has shared a series of screenshots in which you can see the real-time weather status based on location.

Weather on Google Maps

If you click on the button that shows the temperature and the weather status icon , you access a new window that shows the air quality at the location as well as the weather forecast for the following hours. With this novelty, Google continues those updates that it is carrying out in some of its applications that now include the weather.

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In fact, in the Google app you can find a new interface for the weather just like on Pixel phones. Apart from giving it a new touch up in the design, it is also integrating more data from the MRMS and HRRR sensor systems of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to offer greater precision from its apps.


This same year, a leak came about the development of a new weather app that would avoid the use of Google’s app to know the forecast, and even prevent other apps from using its information to improve the experience with this data, which is so important in these times. days. These days, because climate catastrophes are happening one after another and having the forecast in an app like Google Maps becomes almost a necessity according to Android Police .

The novelty of Google Maps to access the weather status in real time is currently being deployed and some users are already enjoying that small button that appears located in the upper left, just below the search bar.